Does 2008 Ford Edge have transmission problems?

Most Common Problem With the 2008 Ford Edge: Transmission Failure. The most common complaint about 2008 Ford Edge owners is the transmission. Owners report experiencing everything from minor vibrations to the sudden loss of power, which often causes drivers to maneuver onto a highway shoulder dangerously.

Are there any recalls on 2008 Ford Edge?

Ford is issuing a safety recall for approximately 205,000 (actual 204,448) 2007-2008 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX vehicles in corrosion states and provinces in North America for possible corrosion under the reinforcement brackets where the fuel tank is mounted to the vehicle.

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How long do Ford Edge transmissions last?

With the SUV’s longstanding engine/transmission pairing, you’re likely to cross 150,000 miles before experiencing any significant issues. While 200,000 is a bit less likely, the milestone is not uncommon.

How many miles can a 2008 Ford Edge get?

Compare Side-by-Side
2008 Ford Edge AWD
EPA Fuel Economy Regular Gasoline
18 MPG 15 22 combined city/highway city highway
5.6 gal/100mi
360 miles Total Range

How do I know if my Ford Edge has a recall?

You can check for recalls on your vehicle using the Ford Recall page or the FordPass®* App.

Option 1: The Ford Recall Page

  1. Have your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) available.
  2. Go to the Recall page.
  3. Enter your VIN or log in to your account.
  4. Select Go to My Ford.

Does my Ford Edge have a recall?

Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalling certain 2021-2022 Edge vehicles. A software error may cause the rearview camera to display a blank or distorted image when the vehicle is in reverse.

What is the problem of Ford Edge 2008?

The most common problems on the 2008 Ford Edge include the engine stalling while driving, transmission failures, and cruise control randomly engaging. Overall, these problems are more severe than issues found on other SUVs from 2008, but repair costs are average.

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Is there a recall on Ford Edge transmission?

An automatic-transmission defect is spurring a large recall at Ford. Nearly 3 million cars are affected, spanning the 2013 to 2021 model years, including 1.7 million Escape, 509,400 Edge, and 439,483 Fusion models.

What are the top 5 signs of transmission problems?

If you’re having transmission problems, you might have any of these 5 symptoms:
  • Strange Smells.
  • Slipping Transmission (Delayed Reaction or Delayed Engagement)
  • Transmission Warning Light.
  • Transmission Fluid Leak.
  • Grinding or Odd Sounds.

What are the signs of a malfunctioning transmission?

What Are the Transmission Failure Symptoms?
  • Refusal to Switch Gears. If your vehicle refuses or struggles to change gears, you are more than likely facing a problem with your transmission system.
  • Burning Smell.
  • Noises When in Neutral.
  • Slipping Gears.
  • Dragging Clutch.
  • Leaking Fluid.
  • Check Engine Light.
  • Grinding or Shaking.

How do you reset the transmission control module on a Ford Edge?

What does resetting a transmission do?

It records the driving style, usually by looking at the last 40 shift points and adjusts so the car shifts accordingly to your style. It does this by monitoring different sensors such as the throttle or the gas pedal input and more. In other words, it learns your driving style.

What happens when a transmission control module goes out?

Since the TCM sends the shifting signals, a bad module can cause incorrect or unintended shifting. For example, your Honda may shift to neutral or another gear that it wouldn’t normally shift into without warning. At best, it’s a bit of a nuisance. At worst, it could cause a serious accident.

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How do I know if my TCM is faulty?

7 Symptoms of a Bad Transmission Control Module (and Replacement Cost)
  1. #1 – Check Engine Light.
  2. #2 – Unpredictable Shifting.
  3. #3 – Problems Shifting Into Higher Gears.
  4. #4 – Problems Downshifting.
  5. #5 – Stuck in the Same Gear.
  6. #6 – Delayed Shifting.
  7. #7 – Poor Fuel Economy.

Will a bad transmission throw a code?

Yes, transmission problems can cause your check engine light to come on. Your automobile’s main computer, the engine control module (ECM), talks with system sensors to make sure everything is okay. If the transmission sensors report a problem, the ECM will turn on the check engine light.

Can I drive with a damaged TCM?

Experiencing any of the warning signs of a bad TCM? If you are unable to accelerate as fast as you should, or your gears are slipping, your car is unsafe to drive (even if it’s still semi-operable). Contact your local transmission mechanic to get it checked out immediately.

Can I replace a TCM myself?

Can I replace the transmission control module myself? Replacing the TCM on most vehicles is fairly easy, but finding it can be difficult. Plus, the new part will need to be calibrated, so this repair is usually best left to a professional.

How much does it cost to have a TCM reprogrammed?

The cost to reprogram a transmission ranges between $75 and $250. Most of the time, you can get this done at your local dealership, but you can also trust a local repair shop, like My Transmission Experts, to get the job done.

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