How many feet long is a sprinter van?

The Sprinter 144 wheelbase is 19.5 feet long bumper to bumper, with 10.5 feet of interior length from behind the driver’s seat to the back doors.

How many feet is a 170 Sprinter van?

Now here are the dimensions for the 170” Sprinter Van:

Overall Length = 274.1″ Overall Height = 105.8″ Interior Standing Height = 77.8″ Interior Cargo Length = 178.2″

How long is a Mercedes Sprinter MWB?

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van wheelbase:
Mercedes Sprinter wheelbaseShort (SWB) L1Medium (MWB) L2
Wheelbase length (FWD)3,259mm3,924mm
Wheelbase length (RWD)3,665mm
Wheelbase length (4×4)3,665mm

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How long is the shortest Sprinter van?

The Sprinter 144 is the smallest option in the Sprinter line with a total length of 19′ 4”.

How long is a 158 wheelbase Sprinter?

263.0 “

How big is a MWB van?

The average loading capacity of an MWB van is 280-380 cubic feet. If you’re trying to work out whether your belongings could fit in this relatively small vehicle, try and work out if your stuff could fit in a medium-sized garden shed. If so, the MWB van could be your best option.

How long is the back of a Mercedes Sprinter van?

144-inch high roof version:

Cargo bed length: 132.9 inches. Ground to first step-side: 20.8 inches. Load height, unloaded (ground to cargo floor): 27.4 inches.

What does MWB mean in vans?

SWB / MWB / LWB: Short Wheel Base (L1) / Medium Wheel Base (L2) / Long Wheel Base (L3) LWB-EL: Long Wheel Base, Extended Length (L4)

How long is a Mercedes Sprinter campervan?


The first of the larger Horizon Motorhomes at 7mtrs long.

Will a sprinter van fit in a garage?

The standard garage length is 22 feet or 24 feet. Both of these sizes are long enough to hold the shortest Sprinter van. However, you will need a non-standard garage to hold the Sprinter van, so you can opt for a longer and taller garage.

What is the standard length of a van?

Average Dimensions for a Compact van: 87”-59”-49” Average Dimensions for a Double-cab-in van: 71”-57”-49” Average Dimensions for a Double-cab-in van (extra-long): 85”-57”-49”

How long is a 6 berth campervan?

What is a 6 berth motorhome? To look at the average size of a “park model” motorhome (similar to a cabin or campervan that you might purchase), and compare it to the average sized motorhome, the average motorhome has a length of 59.5 feet and a width of 26.8 feet.

What is the average camper length?

Generally, Class A motorhomes run from around 25 feet in length all the way up to nearly 45 feet. Larger families and retired couples might need the living space of a 40-foot rig that provides more of the cozy comforts of home.

What is the standard length of a camper?

Is there such a thing as an average travel trailer length? Mathematically speaking, yes, it’s about 30 feet. But you can always average out numbers, so let’s do some checking into why travel trailer length might matter to you.

What is the difference between a T5 and a T6 campervan?

With the T6, VW made significant measures to reduce noise when compared to the T5. Even at low speeds, there’s little wind, road and engine noise – perfect for long, cruisy journeys. They also improved the gear transition on the T6 vs. T5, meaning you get a smoother, more comfortable driving experience.

Does a T6 have a toilet?

This campervan was conceived by Jack and the team to answer one recurring question from customers: “where’s the toilet”. Well, now we can tell you, the toilet is hidden away in the back of this uniquely designed campervan – behind a folding door.

What does the T stand for in VW T5?

Volkswagen Transporter (T5) – Wikipedia.

Which engine is better T5 or T6?

The T6 engine will typically have more horsepower than the T5 engine. For instance, the T5 engine on the Volvo XC60 will have 250 horsepower, while the T6 engine will provide up to 316 horsepower.

What does T6 mean?

The T6 refers to the temper or degree of hardness, which is achieved by precipitation hardening. This grade has a good strength-to-weight ratio and is also heat-treatable. With great formability and weldability, it is used for engineering and structural applications, boats, furniture, and more.

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