How many miles do Toyo Open Country RT last?

45,000 miles

Built rugged for any terrain, this powerful 4×4 tire offers excellent off-road traction, durable construction, and aggressive styling.

Are Toyo Open Country tires good for highway?

Dry Traction

Whether you’re on the highway or traversing over rough patches of terrain, the Toyo Open Country A/T II tires will give you the confidence to forge ahead.

What is the difference between the Toyo Open Country AT and the RT?

The R/T is a hybrid between the more-aggressive Open Country M/T and the Open Country A/T. So basically it’s an in-between from a mud tire and an all-terrain. Mud tires are great in certain conditions, not so great in others. The same can be said for all-terrains.

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What does RT stand for on Toyo?

R/T stands for “rugged terrain,” and in the off-road world, it represents a tire that slots between a mud-terrain (M/T) tire and an all-terrain (A/T) tire. The new Toyo Open Country R/T Trail is a tire that looks like an aggressive M/T but provides more of the driving performance found in an A/T.

Are Toyo tires made in China?

Service, style, and really great tires

Many of these tires are built here in the United States at our state-of-the-art factory in Bartow County, Georgia.

Are Toyo Open Country at2 quiet?

This versatile all-terrain tire offers excellent traction and tread life along with a blatantly aggressive tread design and quiet ride.

Are Toyo Open Country AT tires good in the snow?

The durable Open Country A-T II® offers aggressive wet and snow traction with exceptional mileage for pickups, vans and SUVs. This versatile all-terrain radial delivers rugged good looks without compromising handling, ride comfort or on- and off-road stability.

Are Toyo AT tires quiet?

The Open Country Q/T from Toyo is a quiet-riding all-season touring tire that provides CUVs and SUVs with excellent traction and a quiet, comfortable ride. Open Country Q/T tires are built with Toyo’s Silent Wall™ technology, which reduces road noise for a smooth, quiet ride.

Are Toyo Open Country Rt good in snow?

Some tires are rated by the RMA for severe snow use and have a snowflake symbol on them. The Toyo R/T is not one of these tires and will not perform as well as ones that are rated for severe snow use, like Nitto Exo Grapplers or the Toyo Commercial Traction tire.

Are RT tires loud?

“ARE THEY LOUD?” Road noise is typically the initial topic of conversation in off-road tire discussions. Some tires roar, others hum and the best produce an auditory whisper. In regards to excessive noise with the Open Country R/Ts, there’s none.

Are RT tires good in rain?

R/T Rugged-Terrain Tires

As such, R/T tires generally offer both A/T and M/T tire features, such as large open voids and knobby sidewall tread to help move mud as well as siped tread lugs to improve traction in wet and icy conditions.

How many miles will Toyo tires last?

Toyo tires tend to last anywhere from 50,000 to 90,000 miles. How long the tires last depends on your driving habits, the purpose of the tire, and several other factors.

How many miles do 35 inch tires last?

Usually, the 35-inch tires are designed for more giant trucks and vehicles and rough terrain use. Thanks to their design, these tires are not as noisy as the regular tires. Additionally, they offer durability like 50,000-70,000 miles as opposed to an average of 40,000 miles.

Is Toyo a premium tire?

Toyo has built a reputation as one of the best tire manufacturers on the planet with its reliable and premium products. You will find very high-quality tires that offer great value for money when choosing Toyo.

Are Toyo tires better than Bridgestone?

In this comparison, both of the tyres are made by a brand from Japan. Generally, Bridgestone summer tyres are slightly better rated (69%) than Toyo (66%). In this particular case, the Bridgestone Turanza T005 has a better rating of 89% compared to 66% of the Toyo Proxes CF2.

Is Toyo owned by Goodyear?

Related Articles. The mutually agreed-upon purchase, which was made for an undisclosed amount, brings Goodyear’s ownership of NGT to 100%; formerly, the tiremaker held a 65% share, while Toyo and Mitsubishi owned 30% and 5% shares, respectively.

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