Is Hercules a good brand of tire?

The Hercules Radial A/P is a good choice for an all-season and all-terrain tire for your truck or SUV. The price is a definite bargain because you don’t need to spend big money on a brand new set of Hercules Radial A/P tires.

How good are Hercules RV tires?

Excellent Choice! Great tires, I have been having tire issues since I purchased the trailer, this is the first set that has actually held up. I put 30,000 miles on my trailer annually, this set of tires have been wearing quite well and ride much better than the previous set of tires that were another brand.

Are Hercules tires good for towing?

The Hercules Strong Guard ST Radial Trailer Tire – Tow With Confidence and Reliability. This radial specialty trailer tire is built tough for confident towing no matter where the adventure takes you.

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What are the highest rated travel trailer tires?

  • Kenda Loadstar Bias-ply Tire (Load Range C) : Best Utility Trailer Tire.
  • Carlisle Radial Trail HD (Load Range E) : Best Car Hauler Tire.
  • Trailer King ST (Load Range E) : Best Boat Trailer Tire.
  • Kenda Loadstar Trailer Tire ST225/75D15 : Best Off-Road Trailer Tire.

Is Hercules a Chinese tire?

Manufactured in China, at least seven sizes of Hercules ALL-TRAC A/T 10-Ply Load Range E Tires are currently being recalled by Hercules because of a manufacturing defect that could cause incredibly dangerous tread separation.

What type of tire is best for towing?

10 ply tires. Exactly. A tire rating of 10 Ply or higher is the ready-to-tow tire rating. Meanwhile, using a tire with a rating less than 10 Ply will cause the tire to degrade at a faster rate and cause much poorer high-speed stability.

Do E rated tires help with towing?

At a minimum, Load Range E tires are capable of safely supporting about 3,000 pounds. So, in the case of a dualie (six wheels), the tires collectively will provide more than sufficient grip for safely towing 18,000 pounds.

What tires should I use on a car hauler?

Passenger Car (P) Tires. have stiff sidewalls. Their heavy-duty capacity makes them more suitable for your trailer – these tires have 40% more load capacity as compared to Passenger car (P) tires and 10% more than LT tires.

Do all-terrain tires affect towing?

You need the best all-terrain tires for towing if you plan on going off-road. These aggressive tires feature wide and deep tread grooves that grip the dirt. They also work well in the mud and on the sand, and the extra traction keeps you from getting stuck.

What should you not do when towing?

Top 8 Mistakes People Make While Towing
  1. Overworking Your Engine. The number one mistake people make, by far, is overworking their tow vehicle.
  2. Wrong Weight Distribution Bars.
  3. Not Checking or Maintaining Brakes.
  4. Poorly Loaded Vehicles.
  5. Wrong Ball/Ball Mount.
  6. 6. “
  7. Low-Pressure Tires.
  8. Not Lubing Your Components.

Why can’t you use truck tires on a trailer?

The dangers. When a car or truck tire is used on a trailer, it causes stress that the tire wasn’t designed to handle. The tread of the tire begins wearing differently than it was designed. The tire’s actual weight capacity is different from the load rating shown because of the different frame designs.

Are bigger tires better for trailers?

Tires with a higher weight rating will not increase the load carrying capacity of the trailer, so you will still be limited to the weight capacity of the axle. Larger wheels and tires will not have an effect on the hub as long as the bolt patterns match and you remain under the weight capacity of the axle.

Why do trailer tires wear out so fast?

That said, rapid or significantly uneven trailer tire wear can be caused by: Riding with the wrong tire pressure. Exceeding your tires’ load capacity. Trailer misalignment or bent wheels from hitting curbs, potholes or debris.

Should trailer tires be inflated to max psi?

When it comes to trailer tires you always want to have them inflated to their max psi when cold. Not only do you get the full capacity at the max psi, you also will generate less heat in the tire since there won’t be as much flex in the sidewall, you’ll get better wear and better fuel mileage.

Why do trailer tires fail so often?

Tire failure is usually caused by a few things. It can be from overloading the trailer, improper tire inflation, and/or exceeding the speed rating for the tire. You should verify that the tire capacity you have for you trailer is adequate for how much your trailer weighs.

How do I keep my trailer tires from getting flat spots?

What Preventative Measures Can I Take to Prevent Flat Spots
  1. Inflate your tires to manufacturer-recommended levels and checking the tire pressure often.
  2. Wash your tires to remove harmful elements.
  3. Cover your tires with UV-protectant covers.
  4. Keep the vehicle out of sunny areas in a covered parking area.

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