What does Class S mean on snow chains?

The classes are defined as follows: SAE Class S: Regular (non-reinforced) passenger tire traction devices for vehicles with restricted wheel well clearance. SAE Class U: Regular (non-reinforced) and lug-reinforced passenger tire traction devices for vehicles with regular (non-restricted) wheel well clearances.

What are S rated chains?

Tire chains that are rated as S-Class compatible are suitable for use on passenger vehicles that have limited clearance in the wheel wells. Unlike a vehicle like a pickup truck that generally has a good bit of room inside the wheel wells, many passenger cars have little extra space around the tires.

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What are the different classes of tire chains?

Tire chains fall into one of three categories: automatic tensioning, assisted tensioning, and manual tensioning.

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How do I tell what grade my chain is?

Just look for the “L” and then the number after it. Each number following the “L” corresponds with a grade of chain. On grade 70 this can also show that the chains are DOT approved!

What is the highest grade chain?

There are five main grades of industrial chain: 30, 43, 70, 80, and 100. Grade 120 is a newer product available for extremely heavy-duty applications, but it is less common. Each number is the maximum stress that the chain can take per millimeter squared.

What is the difference between grade 70 and grade 80 chain?

Grade 80, a heat-treated steel chain, differs from Grade 70 in that it’s known for its excellent strength to weight ratio; therefore, it can be safely used for overhead lifting. Additionally, it can be used as a towing, safety, and recovery chain.

What is the difference between grade 80 and grade 100 chain?

What is a grade 43 chain?

Grade 43 chain is a steel chain that possess greater tensile strength than Proof Coil Chain. Grade 43 Chain typically has a 50% higher working load limit than Proof Coil or Grade 30 Chain. G43 chains are also referred to as High Test Chain, Grade 40, Spectrum 4 or System 4.

Can Grade 70 chain be used for lifting?

Grade 70 Chain

It’s heat-treated in carbon steel and has a recognizable golden chromate finish. It should not be used for overhead lifting. It is a trucker’s chain, built for fastening and placing, but definitely not for carrying loads in high places. It also has applications in oil rigs, logging, and towing.

What is Grade 70 chain used for?

Also known as “Transport Chain,” Grade 70 chain is most commonly used for tie down and load securement applications for trucking and other cargo. While Grade 30 and 43 chain can also be used for load securement, Grade 70 chain provides a stronger, more durable option with a much higher strength-to-weight ratio.

How much weight can a Grade 70 chain hold?

Chain Grade 70 has a working load limit between 3,150 to 15,800 lbs. They’re typically used by truckers and loggers for load securement and towing jobs, and have thus earned the nicknames of Transport and Trucker chain!

How thick should a man’s chain be?

Chains 4–5 mm thick are the most practical and versatile. They are usually chosen to be worn with crosses, pendants and pendants. The average thickness makes them suitable for any look. Chains 6–20 mm thick are usually worn on their own, without pendants or pendants.

What is Grade 120 chain used for?

Grade 120 chain was specifically designed to for extreme overhead lifting applications. Grade 120 Chain is an ultra-premium quality high strength alloy steel. Grade 120 Chain has a 50 percent increase in working load limit as compared to a similar size chain in Grade 80.

Can grade 70 chain be used for towing?

Grade 70 – Grade 70 chains are about 20% stronger than grade 43 chains and made from heat treated carbon steel that provides excellent strength and durability. They are commonly used for trucking and trailer tie downs, heavy load securement, and heavy towing.

How much can a grade 70 chain pull?

Grade 70 chain load limit is 4700lbs, so should be no issue.

What is stronger Grade 43 or Grade 70 chain?

Grade 70 chain is composed of heat-treated carbon steel, making it approximately 20% stronger than Grade 43 chains. This grade is easily recognizable by its yellow chromate gold plating finish.

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