What kind of tires does a Toyota Sienna have?

2016 Toyota Sienna SE Tire Size: P235/50R19
Tire SizeTire Pressure (PSI)Load Index
P235/50R19Front 36 Rear 3699 1709 lbs.

What is the major problem of Toyota Sienna?

Visibility and brake issues are among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners. The Toyota Sienna, now in its 4th generation, was launched more than two decades ago, in 1998. Produced at Toyota’s assembly plant in Georgetown, Kentucky, this stalwart minivan gets an all-new look for 2021.

How long does 2015 Sienna last?

A well-maintained 2015 Toyota Sienna can last over 300,000 miles, which is around 50,000 miles longer than the highly-rated Honda Odyssey. Regular annual maintenance costs are similar to other minivans according to data provided by Repair Pal, at $534 per year.

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When Should Toyota Sienna timing belt be replaced?

They can go as long as 100,000 miles although it’s always a good idea to change it before then. Belt failure can cause extensive damage to the valves, pistons and other internal parts of the engine. The cost of changing the timing belt is a bargain when you consider the cost to replace the entire engine.

What year is best for used Toyota Sienna?

Best Sienna model years: 2008

While still in its second generation, by 2008, it started to come standard with Toyota’s Vehicle Stability Control system, making the safe Sienna even safer.

How reliable is 2015 Toyota Sienna?

The 2015 Sienna earns a poor reliability rating of two out of five from J.D. Power.

What is considered high mileage for a Toyota Sienna?

However, although there are plenty of examples of the Sienna making it to 300,000, it’s more reasonable to name a number like 200,000 or 250,000. This is still high mileage life expectancy. According to Car and Driver, 200,000 is about average for a gas-powered car.

How many miles does a Toyota Sienna usually last?

The Japanese brands will go 300,000 miles easily, but get a bit worn feeling after 200,000.

What is the maximum mileage for a Toyota Sienna?

A properly maintained 2011 Sienna will last around 300,000 miles, which is twice as long as competitors including the Grand Caravan. Maintenance costs are average for a van at $570 per year, according to Repair Pal.

How often does a Toyota Sienna need a tune up?

In most cases, Toyota recommends that Toyota owners schedule a service appointment every six months or 5000 miles, whichever comes first.

What is the highest recorded mileage on a Toyota?

Victor Sheppard’s 2007 Toyota Tundra

Victor Sheppard owned a 2007 Toyota Tundra, and he racked up over 1 million miles in just 9 years on the original engine and transmission.

What is the most reliable minivan?

The most reliable minivan is the Honda Odyssey. The Odyssey has above-average cargo capacity for its class with 32.8 cubic feet of space behind the third row and 88.8 cubic feet of space behind the second-row seats when the third-row seats are folded down.

What minivan holds its value best?

In fact, the 2021 Toyota Sienna — all-new for 2021 and available only as a gas/electric hybrid — also has claimed the title of top Minivan in our 2021 KBB Best Resale Value Awards.

What is the number 1 minivan?

What is the #1 best minivan in America? Currently the 2023 Honda Odyssey tops KBB’s always up-to-date list of the best minivans in America. It gets 4.6 out of 5 stars from our car experts, has a starting MSRP of $38,635 and gets 22 MPG.

Which is better Sienna or Pacifica?

Which is the best minivan on the market for 2021? Although both are very reliable minivans, the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica has a higher overall rating than the Toyota Sienna. The Pacifica has a higher price tag, but offers more entertainment features, a luxurious interior and advanced safety technology.

What’s the coolest looking minivan?

Let’s look at some of the best-looking minivans ever manufactured.
  1. 1 1984–1990 Turbo Dodge Caravan.
  2. 2 1971 Ford Supervan.
  3. 3 1994 Renault Espace F1.
  4. 4 1999-2022 Toyota Sienna.
  5. 5 1989-2006 Mazda MPV.
  6. 6 1985–1994 Chevrolet Astro 1st Gen.
  7. 7 First-Generation Nissan Quest.
  8. 8 2010-2015 Mazda5 Third generation.

What is the coolest minivan?

These 10 Minivans Are Way Cooler Than SUVs
  • 10 Mercedes R63 AMG.
  • 9 BMW 220i Gran Tourer.
  • 8 Chrysler Pacifica.
  • 7 Honda Odyssey.
  • 6 Kia Carnival.
  • 5 Toyota Sienna.
  • 4 Dodge Grand Caravan.
  • 3 Opel Zafira VXR.

What is the most comfortable riding minivan?

Comfortable options for all.
  • Kia Carnival.
  • Nissan Quest.
  • Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid.
  • Toyota Sienna Hybrid.
  • Chrysler Town and Country.
  • Kia Sedona.
  • Dodge Grand Caravan.
  • Chrysler Pacifica.

What is the quietest riding minivan?

When we convert the already quiet Chrysler Pacifica for accessibility, we also improve on one of its best qualities. The result is the quietest accessible minivan in the industry and a ride that offers all kinds of great perks.

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