What size tires can I put on my 2018 Chevy Silverado?

On stock suspension, you can typically fit 32” tires or 33” tires on your Silverado with ease. If you’re trying to fill out the wheel wells on your lifted Silverado, we’ve even got the 35” tires you’re after.

What is the biggest tire you can put on a 2018 Silverado?

All things being the same between a 1500 with the 17″ or 18″ wheel, you should be able to run a max size of 33″ considering the factory 265/65/18 is 32″ you can get another 1″ but not much more.

What tires come stock on Chevy Silverado?

The standard Chevrolet Silverado tire size is 255/70R17 112S.

How To Read Tire Sizes

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What tire brand does Chevy use?

Whichever Chevy model you drive, Bridgestone tires are the right choice for your Chevrolet. If you’re looking for high-performance, Potenza tires are designed for speed and deliver better control, responsiveness, and improved handling.

How long do Silverado tires last?

How long do truck tires last? Assuming you drive around 12,000-15,000 miles a year, you should replace your truck tires every 3-4 years. You should be getting anywhere from 30,000-50,000 miles on a set of tires.

What size tires will fit on a stock Silverado 1500?

Generally most newer Chevy Silverado pickups can fit 33 inch tires with just a leveling kit. If you want to fit 35 inch tires a lift is more likely to be required.

What tires came on 2014 Silverado?

2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 WT Tire Size: P255/70R17.

Will a 275 60r20 fit on a Silverado 1500?

Yes they do!

This 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is running Fuel Contra 20×9 wheels, Wrangler Trailrunner AT Wrangler Trailrunner AT 275/60 tires with Rancho Leveling Kit suspension, and needs No trimming and has No rubbing or scrubbing. As you can see from the pics this wheel and tire combo can be done!**

Will a 275 65 18 fit a Silverado?

Do 18×9 -12 wheels on 275/65 tires fit on a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD with OEM Stock? Yes they do!

Can I put 2 different size tires on my truck?

Once you choose a tire size for your vehicle, you’ll want to stick with that size when you buy replacements. The reason for this is that a differently sized tire can confuse your speedometer and even cause damage to your vehicle’s anti-lock braking systems and stability system calibrations.

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What size tires can I put on an 18 rim?

Tire Sizes by Wheel Diameter
18″ Options
215/50-18 255/40-18 35X12.5-18
215/55-18 255/45-18 37X12.5-18
225/35-18 255/50-18 37X13.5-18
225/40-18 255/55-18 38X15.5-18

Can I put bigger tires on my truck without a lift?

While you do not need a lift kit to fit larger tires, you may have to otherwise modify your truck to make sure everything runs smoothly. This obviously depends on the make and model of both the truck and tires, so check with an expert before trying any of the below modifications.

Will bigger tires hurt my transmission?

Increasing Tire Size Can Wear Out Your Drivetrain & Transmission.

Do bigger tires affect gas mileage?

The short answer: yes. Tires can make a big difference in the number of miles a driver gets to a tank of gas. In fact, 20% to 30% of a vehicle’s fuel consumption and 24% of road vehicle CO2 emissions are tire-related. Tires affect vehicle fuel efficiency primarily through rolling resistance.

Does a lift and bigger tires affect gas mileage?

Gas Mileage

If your vehicle weighs more after installing a lift kit, it will reduce mileage. The second is increased wind resistance. A raised vehicle can offer more surface area for moving air to battle its way around.

Does a 2 inch lift make a difference?

If you ride on really difficult terrain, this gives you the opportunity to upgrade to some more aggressive tires that can handle the rougher stuff easier. Going a little bigger with tires will also raise your ground clearance even more. The bottom line is that a 2″ lift will make a difference.

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