What size tires go on a 2013 Subaru Legacy?

2013 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited Tire Size: P215/50R17
Tire SizeTire Pressure (PSI)Speed Rating
P215/50R17Front 33 Rear 32V 149 mph

What are my stock tire size?

Find the information in your vehicle owner’s manual in the glove compartment or on the tire information sticker on your driver’s side door. Usually those elements contain all the information related to your tire size and specifications as well as the appropriate tire pressure.

Does the 2013 Subaru Legacy 2.5 i Premium have a turbo?

Acceleration and Power. The 2013 Legacy is available with a four- or six-cylinder engine. The turbocharged four-cylinder engine from last year’s model is no longer offered. Both engines on the 2013 Legacy are horizontally-opposed Boxer engines.

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What is the strongest Subaru engine?

3.6-liter Flat-6

The largest SUBARU BOXER® engine available, this 3.6-liter 6-cylinder serves up 256 horsepower and 247 lb. -ft.

How many miles will a 2013 Subaru Legacy last?

In addition, it’s one of the few sedans that comes with standard AWD, making it reliable on tougher roads. According to a study by iSeeCars featured on Engine Patrol, the Subaru Legacy is the second most likely vehicle that can go past 200,000 miles and has a range up to 300,000 miles.

Does the Subaru Legacy 2.5 i have a turbo?

Derived from the WRX STI engine, the 2.5-liter turbocharged SUBARU BOXER® engine was available on the first 5-speed automatic transmission offered in a Subaru, with SPORTSHIFT® technology licensed from Prodrive.

Is the Subaru Legacy 2.5 i turbo?

Subaru has revamped the Legacy for 2023, with a number of stylistic changes and one notable mechanical addition. Sport trim Legacies, which previously housed the natural aspirated 2.5-liter flat-four, will now come standard with the torquey 2.4-liter turbocharged offering.

Is the 2.5 i Subaru engine turbo?

2.5 liter 4 cyl DOHC turbocharged engine w/ 305 hp and 290 lb-ft torque [STI]

Does the Subaru 2.5 I have a turbo?

The Subaru 2.5 engine is a 16-valve flat-four boxer naturally-aspirated and turbocharged engine with a 2.457L displacement. Depending on the year, make and model it appears in, the engine’s HP ranges from 155 to 172.6 and 140 to 170 lb. -ft.

Does Subaru 2.5 turbo engine require premium gas?

For example, the owner’s manual for the 2020 Subaru Outback indicates that the standard 2.5L engine has a 10% ethanol limit — meaning you should only use regular gas.

How many miles will a 2.5 Subaru engine last?

Generally speaking, a Subaru 2.5 engine has the ability to run between 250,000 and 300,000 miles before needing any kind of significant auto maintenance or repair. Since most drivers average around 14,000 miles per year, this would mean that a Subaru 2.5 engine could conceivably run for over two decades.

What is the difference between a Subaru 2.5 and a 2.5 i?

Key differences between the new Subaru Outback 2.5i and the 2.5i Limited are as follows: Dual-zone climate control is standard with the 2.5i Limited, but the 2.5i has manual air conditioning. The 2.5i trim level comes with 17-in. silver finish aluminum-alloy wheels, while the 2.5i Limited adds 18-in.

Do Subaru 2.5 engines burn oil?

Many Subaru owners have found that the 2.0L, 2.2L, and 2.5L engines powering some Subaru vehicles built after 2011 consume more oil than usual.

Who makes the 2.5 L engine?

The 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder LCV engine is produced by General Motors for use in several General Motors vehicles.


Type:2.5L I4
Displacement:2457 cc (150 ci)
Engine Orientation:Longitudinal or Transverse
Compression ratio:11.3:1
Valve configuration:Dual overhead camshafts

Who makes Subaru engines?

Subaru cars, trucks, and SUVs are currently manufactured by none other than Subaru itself, as the company is the automotive division of Subaru Corporation. Priorly known as the Fuji Heavy Industries, the company owns various manufacturing companies, from heavy industrial equipment to aircraft.

What does Subaru mean in Japan?

“SUBARU” signifies a Japanese word meaning “unite,” as well as a term identifying a cluster of six stars, which the Greeks called the Pleiades – part of the Taurus constellation. According to Greek mythology, Atlas’ daughters turned into this group of stars.

Is the Subaru 2.5 a good engine?

A modern Subaru 2.5L engine should have no problem lasting over 200,000 miles as long as you take care of it. There are plenty of 2.5L engines that have lasted over 300,000 miles as well when owners have done the regular maintenance on them such as oil changes, spark plug changes, and coolant changes.

Do boxer engines last longer?

The horizontal design of the Boxer engine produces less vibration which adds to the durability, allowing the Subaru to last longer with a smoother running engine while emitting less noise.

What is the disadvantage of a boxer engine?

Boxer Engine Disadvantages

Its wide size makes it somewhat more difficult to work on, especially in tight quarters. As a result of its position, maintenance and repairs are usually higher in cost, in part because it takes mechanics longer to do routine work, like changing spark plugs.

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