What size tires go on a 2017 Mazda CX 5?

2017 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring Tire Size: P225/55R19
Tire SizeTire Pressure (PSI)Load Index
P225/55R19Front 35 Rear 3599 1709 lbs.

Does Mazda CX 5 tell you which tire is low?

As an added safety feature, your vehicle has been equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that illuminates a low tire pressure telltale when one or more of your tires is significantly under-inflated.

What is the common problem with Mazda CX 5?

Most Common Problems with the 2022 Mazda CX-5

Half of these complaints are about service brakes. And of these, 3 report crashes caused by faulty brakes. There are also 2 complaints that address electrical issues and 2 that strongly criticize the structure of the SUV. There are also 2 complaints about airbags.

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Is Mazda CX-5 2017 reliable?

How Reliable Is the 2017 Mazda CX-5? The 2017 Mazda CX-5 has a predicted reliability rating of 3.5 out of five, which is above average for the industry.

What is the lifespan of a Mazda CX-5?

As mentioned before, you can expect your Mazda CX-5 to last around 200,000 to 250,000 miles for your St Charles and Geneva travels and beyond.

Is Mazda CX-5 worth buying?

“The Mazda CX-5 remains one of the best small SUVs around. It offers a high-quality interior, sharp handling and a competitive price. It comes up just a bit short in terms of rear passenger space, cargo capacity and fuel economy, but overall it’s an outstanding vehicle in its class.”

What is best year for Mazda CX-5?

2018 Is the Best Year for Mazda CX-5

Furthermore, the 2018 CX-5 boasts high reliability scores and reviews from various experts and owners. We debated picking the 2015 model year, but the first generation of CX-5 has its fair share of reliability concerns.

Is a Mazda CX-5 reliable?

Overall the Mazda Cx-5 reliability is 82.55 and that makes it very reliable. The chart below illustrates exactly how this ranks compared to some other cars, but the average overall rating is 57 as some comparison.

Do Mazda CX-5 have transmission problems?

Complete transmission failure is commonly reported on the 2016 Mazda CX-5. Many report the the vehicle revving up and not shifting gears, and if this happens to your CX-5 (or one you’re thinking about buying), be prepared for the worst. What is this? In these cases, the transmission usually needs a full replacement.

How often should transmission fluid be changed on a Mazda CX-5?

As a result, there’s not really much maintenance to perform. Still, most owner’s manuals will recommend changing the transmission fluid every 90,000 miles or so.

Do CX-5 hold their value?

The CX-5 retains its value fairly well, but don’t expect it to age as well as market anomalies like the Toyota Tacoma.

Does the Mazda CX-5 have a timing belt or chain?

Newer models use timing belts made of polyurethane and Kevlar for long life and durability. They can go as long as 100,000 miles although it’s always a good idea to change it before then. Belt failure can cause extensive damage to the valves, pistons and other internal parts of the engine.

Does Mazda CX-5 need premium gas?

Fuel with a rating lower than 87 octane (91 RON) will negatively affect the emission control system performance and could also cause engine knocking and serious engine damage. USE ONLY UNLEADED FUEL.

How often does a Mazda CX-5 need an oil change?

The engine oil and filter must be changed at least once a year or within 12,000 km (7,500 miles) since last engine oil and filter change. Reset the engine oil data whenever replacing the engine oil regardless of the message/wrench indicator light display.

When should I replace my timing chain on my Mazda CX-5?

Replace every 120,000 km or 6 years.

What happens if I don’t replace my timing chain?

A broken timing chain will allow the valves to come into contact with the pistons in severe failures on some engine models, resulting in very loud knocking and banging noises, catastrophic engine failure, and damage to the valves and pistons.

Is a timing chain expensive to fix?

How much does timing chain replacement cost? A mechanic can replace a timing chain for between $1,600 and $1,800, or you can do it yourself for between $600 and $800. Due to how hard it is to replace this part, the price is high.

Do you have to replace engine if timing chain breaks?

If this situation occurs, it’s likely the timing chain is damaged and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. If the timing chain breaks, the loose metal rolling around inside the motor can lead to serious engine damage.

Will check engine light come on for timing chain?

Just like any other misfunctioning component of the engine, a faulty timing chain will illuminate the check engine light. It is a warning to get your vehicle assessed for underlying engine problems, which might include a bad timing chain.

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