What tires go on a 2015 Jeep Cherokee?

  • Limited 4-wheel drive 225/60R18.
  • Sport 2-wheel drive 225/60R17.
  • Sport 4-wheel drive 225/65R17.

What tires are recommended for a Jeep Cherokee?

Depending on its year model and trim level, the Jeep Cherokee typically comes with either crossover-focused all-terrain tires (like the Firestone Destination A/T) or capable all-season tires highway tires, such as the Bridgestone Dueler LX. They also come with a range of tire sizes, including: 225/60R17 tires.

What brand of tires does jeep put on their Grand Cherokee?

Best Tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee
TiresTop Feature
Michelin Defender LTX M/SSuperior wet, mud, and snow performance
Goodyear Wrangler Fortitude HTVersatile all-season performance
Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza PlusComfort, long wear life, and all-season handling
Pirelli Scorpion ATRVersatile on and off-road capabilities

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What kind of tires should I put on my Jeep?

It depends on your driving habits. If you don’t do a lot of driving off-road, you are better off with a proper set of highway terrain or HT tires. But if your Jeep is frequently driven over harsh or rocky terrain, purchasing a set of all-terrain tires is a better option.

Is Jeep Cherokee considered luxury?

A: The Jeep Grand Cherokee is not considered a luxury model. However, the 2021 Grand Cherokee is available with luxurious features on upper trim levels. The Summit trim, for example, is decked out with upgraded leather seating, chrome exterior accents, a 19-speaker sound system, and more.

Which is the best Jeep Cherokee to buy?

The recommended spec

Edmunds thinks the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited is the best bet for most people. It has the features that SUV buyers seek and provides access to some of the model’s more appealing options.

Is Jeep discontinuing the Cherokee?

Stellantis’s Belvidere, Illinois, assembly plant will be idled at the end of February 2023, but the Cherokee will remain in production—at least through that month.

Do rich people buy Jeeps?

Income Upshot:

There are cars that rich people buy, cars that the middle class buys, and cars that poor people buy. But everyone buys Jeep. Jesse Toprak, an analyst for TrueCar.com says Jeep doesn’t have a lot of models, but it has them at both ends of the price spectrum — from $50,000 to less than $20,000.

What are factory tires on a Jeep?

Depending on the model you drive, tires sizes can vary. However, generally speaking, when it comes to the standard factory size, the Wrangler come with 15″-17″ tires.

How long do factory tires last Grand Cherokee?

How long do 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee tires last? Tires need just one thing to increase their life: proper care and maintenance. Courtesy Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram is here to help. If your driving habits are normal and around 12,000-15,000 miles per year, an average tire’s tread will wear out in about 3 years.

What is the top of the line for Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The new 2022 Jeep® Grand Cherokee answers the demands of the everyday and every new adventure. An available third row gives more room while stunning new available tech delivers elevated experiences, earning the Summit model the honor of being the Most Luxurious Vehicle in its Class 3.

How many miles do Jeep Grand Cherokee tires last?

Regular highway tires should last between 40,000 and 60,000 miles on a Jeep, provided you avoid drifting, burnouts, and other activities that wear out tires quickly. In other words, you should replace your Jeep highway tires every six years.

How often should you rotate your tires Jeep Cherokee?

Your tires should be rotated approximately every 5,000 to 7,000 miles, depending on how much you drive every.

How often should you rotate your tires on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

One aspect of proper vehicle maintenance is tire care, which includes the rotation or your tires. This is a process that should be done about every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, although more specific figures can be found in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

How much do Jeep tires cost?

Exact 2021 Jeep Wrangler tires are priced between $150 – $350 per tire, however, High-performance tires can cost anywhere between well over $500.

How Much Should 4 good tires cost?

Moderately priced tires will usually be in the range of $100 – $300 each. High-end tires (ultra-high performance or specialty off-road tires) can be $300 – $1000 each.

How Much Should 4 new tires cost?

The general pricing for inexpensive tires will be $50 to $150 each, $100 to $300 each for moderately priced tires, and $300 to $1000 each for high-end. Based on the median price of tires in the United States, you can expect to spend a little over $600 for a set of 4 new tires, not including the price of installation.

How much should I expect to pay for 4 tires?

According to sources around the internet, the average cost of a full set of tires is around $600. However, tire prices vary widely by size and intended use. A typical all-season, 15-inch tire size (fits most sedan-size cars) tends to cost about half as much as its 20-inch pickup truck or SUV-sized counterpart.

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