Are transfer cases interchangeable?

The transfer case is a mechanical component that receives power from a vehicle’s transmission. Transfer cases direct power via driveshafts to the differentials located in the front and back of a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Transfer cases have an interchangeable high and low gear range.

Are all GM 246 transfer cases the same?

The 246 has several variations depending on the vehicle and the transmission used. If the transmission is an RPO M30 code the unit will have a 27-spline rear output shaft. If the transmission is an RPO code MN8 or MT1, it will have a 32-spline output shaft.

What does a 243c transfer case fit?

This unit fits GM trucks 1996-2000.

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What did NP205 transfer case come in?

The NP205 transfer case is a heavy-duty, gear-driven unit manufactured by New Process Gear in Syracuse, New York. It was introduced in 1969 and used until about 1993. The part-time, manual-shift T-case was found in GM, Ford, Dodge, and International Harvester vehicles, and in some construction/industrial equipment.

What vehicles use NP242 transfer case?

The NP242 first appeared in the XJ Cherokee. It was also used in the Wagoneer, Grand Cherokee, Liberty, and the MJ Comanche. This transfer case was also used on select Dodge Dakota and Dodge Durango models.

What did the np241c come in?

NP241 Home Remedies

The New Process 241 is an aluminum-case, chain-drive transfer case that was used in Chevy, Dodge, and Jeep 4WDs beginning in 1987. It was offered with both passenger- and driver-side front outputs, with input spline counts from 23 to 32.

What transfer case is in a Jeep XJ?

The NP231 transfer case is a rugged, reliable, and durable unit that has been used in a variety of vehicles since 1988. Most commonly found in Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ, and XJ Cherokees, the NP231 is fitted with a slip-yoke style rear output from the factory.

What transfer case does a Jeep XJ 1996 have?

A: Phillip, the Quadratrac four-wheel-drive system in your ’96 Cherokee uses an NP249 transfer case.

Can a 2WD XJ be converted into 4WD?

We have no problem at all buying a 2WD XJ or MJ because we know that it is possible to convert them easily and cheaply to 4WD. It’s a complete bolt-in swap. And, in the case of MJs, we find the 2WD ones to be straighter with less Unitbody fatigue.

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Why is a Jeep Cherokee called an XJ?

It is said this vehicle was named so to stand for ‘eXciting Jeep. During its production span of 18years, almost a total of three million Cherokee XJs were manufactured.

What is the difference between np207 and NP231?

It features a wider chain than the regular 231 (though the 231 can be converted to a 207 style chain) but the 207 has less overall planetary gear tooth mesh than a 231. The 207 had straight-cut instead of helically cut gears in its planetary assembly. The 207 is a medium duty transfer case.

Can you twin stick a NP231?

While Dana 300 owners can use twin sticks available from several companies, NP231 owners must replace the range fork and sector with new ones from JB Conversions to alter the movement of the internal sleeves of the T-case.

Is the NP231 a good transfer case?

The New Process 231 transfer case is one of the most common and durable transfer cases ever produced. Found under Jeep Wranglers, Jeep Cherokees, Dodge Rams, and Chevy S-10 Blazers and pickups, the NP231 has proved itself reliable under some of the most hardcore rigs.

What is NP231?

ADMIRALTY NP231 is a detailed reference guide designed to help bridge crew, trainers and those responsible for risk and safety management to gain an understanding of practical ENC use.

What vehicle uses NP231 transfer case?

The NP231 transfer case was eventually used in the production of the 4×4 Chevrolet Blazer, Chevrolet S10, GMC Sonoma, Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Comanche, Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Liberty, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Dakota, Dodge Durango, and Dodge Ram 1500.

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What is NP 232?

The ADMIRALTY Guide to ECDIS Implementation, Policy and Procedures (NP232) offers clear guidance on the efficient integration of ECDIS, helping fleets to meet regulations and remain compliant.

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