How do I register my BMW battery?

Do BMW batteries need to be programmed?

An often misunderstood and unappreciated point when it comes to replacing the battery in modern, late-model BMW’s is that the new battery has to be “registered” or matched to the onboard ECU for proper operation and battery longevity.

How do I register my BMW battery with OBD?

  1. Locate the OBD2 port in your vehicle.
  2. Plug the scanner into the port and turn the ignition on to position 15 (dashboard lights on and AC blowing).
  3. Start the BMW scanner tool and identify the vehicle.
  4. Find the battery management screen.
  5. Choose Register Battery Change and follow the instructions.

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Why does a BMW battery need coding?

A: Disregarding the need to register and code for a new battery may result in improper charging. Over time, improper charging may have detrimental effects on the lifespan of your cars battery and the operation of the vehicles electronics. Q: Why do I need to register a new battery?

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What happens if you don’t code a car battery?

Without battery coding, the car’s battery management system won’t work correctly and some vehicle functions will cease. The worst case scenario is that the vehicle may not even start.

How do I reset my BMW after changing the battery?

How to reset BMW computer after a battery change is a simple task and will not take much of your time.
  1. Step 1: Restart the controller.
  2. Step 2: Tap the “Trip” button to wake it up and glow.
  3. Step 3: Continue to press and hold that “trip” button and hold until the “Reset” button appears on the screen.
  4. Step 4: Reset.

Can you register a battery with Bimmercode?

No bimmercode will not code battery.

How do I register my BMW battery with INPA?

How do I register my battery with Bimmerlink?

Can Carly register a BMW battery?

With the Carly app, you can register any battery and battery type that is supported for a BMW car. This saves you a trip to the dealer or mechanics! Keep in mind you have to read out the battery first to see if it is supported.

Which is better Bimmercode or BimmerLink?

BimmerCode is for all the features (seats, lights, windows, etc) and BimmerLink is more for diagnostics (battery registration, clearing faults, pulling trouble codes, etc.). They just just happen to overlap with the ASD feature but only BimmerLink can code out burbles and open/close valves.

Can you code BMW battery with Bimmercode?

How do I know if my BMW battery is AGM?

On to the type of battery which is very simple to determine with factory original BMW batteries, a white battery is a standard lead acid battery, and a black battery indicates an AGM (Boron-Silicate absorbed glass mat).

Do you have to pay for Bimmerlink?

There are certain (very limited) functions available for the free versions of both Bimmerlink & Bimmercode but they’re about as much use as a catflap on a submarine. The free versions are handy for checking compatibility with your car and OBD Adapter before purchasing the full versions but that’s about it.

Can I get BimmerCode for free?

The website states that you have to PURCHASE the app to check compatibility with your model. The “free” version of the app only allows you to check the control modules that are “code-able” for your supported vehicle.

What does BimmerCode cost?

So it appears that Bimmercode charges $26.99 for the iOS version of the app compared to $34.99 for Android.

Do you have to buy BimmerCode?

By the way, the BimmerCode App isn’t free but at $30, you can’t beat it. If you want all of the neat features that the BMW has hidden you’ll pay hundreds of dollars from BMW for them to code it for you. I purchased the Wifi version and it has worked every time!

What can you code with BimmerCode?

BimmerCode allows you to code your BMW or MINI yourself, customize it according to your wishes and unlock hidden features.

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