How do I update my Subaru 2022 software?

Do Subarus get software updates?

Your Subaru is equipped with over the air “OTA” software update capability. Follow these steps to update your software to improve software performance and functionality. CAUTIONS: Move the vehicle to an outside location where the engine can be safely started and kept idling during the update process.

Can you upgrade Subaru infotainment system?

To update the Subaru Infotainment system after 2021, you’ll need to do a few things—just follow these steps: Go to Settings > General > Check for Updates and see if there are any updates available. Connect your Subaru to the internet via Wi-Fi. After the pop-up appears, select “Download Now”

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How do I update my Subaru 2022 software? – Related Questions

How do I update infotainment software?

Start the vehicle and tap “Settings” on the Infotainment display. “System Settings” will be displayed. 2. Tap “System Info and Software Update”.

How much does it cost to upgrade infotainment system?

This upgrade is available for $2,250 plus applicable tax, including installation, for vehicles equipped with Autopilot Computer 2.0 or 2.5 and for $1,750 plus applicable tax, including installation, for all other vehicles.

Can I upgrade my Subaru stereo?

SubaruPartsPros offers a wide selection of genuine OEM speakers and audio kits that can upgrade the sound system of your Subaru. Our speakers are engineered with the latest technology and are guaranteed to reproduce the best quality of sound.

Can I upgrade my Subaru to Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay is one of the most popular technologies on the market today, and is now available with new Subaru cars and SUVs. For the 2023 model year, Apple CarPlay is available with all new Subaru models.

Can you upgrade Subaru radio?

Make the audio experience in your Subaru unforgettable with this brand new audio upgrade kit from Rockford Fosgate. The kit features an integrated digital signal processor that’s tuned to align the system to the listener’s preference.

Can I upgrade my Subaru to Android Auto?

If you’re an Android user and want the most out of your vehicle’s infotainment system, then be sure to purchase a new Subaru with Android Auto. For the 2023 model year, Android Auto is available with all new Subaru models. Best of all, setup is a breeze and requires just your phone and a compatible USB cable!

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Can I download apps to MySubaru?

Can I put Google Maps on MySubaru?

First Download the free Android Auto App here:

Make sure it’s in park (P) and that you have time to set up Android Auto. Unlock your phone’s screen. Connect your phone to your car using a USB cable. Your phone might ask you to download or update certain apps, like Google Maps.

How can I update MySubaru maps for free?

Open the SUBARU STARLINK app on your smartphone. 2. Then, connect your smartphone to your vehicle 3. Select “Settings” > “Navigation” > “Map Update” > “Check for Updates”.

Does Subaru charge for map updates?

General terms. Subaru Map Update Toolbox – is a free-of-charge software that allows you to purchase, download, and install map updates onto/update your navigation micro-SD card. Without the Toolbox, you cannot download updates to your navigation micro-SD card.

Is Subaru navigation free?

Is Starlink Free with a New Subaru? New Subaru owners enjoy Starlink Safety Plus for free in their first year of ownership.

How much does it cost to update GPS in my car?

Rates for installation range from $150 to $450 depending on where you have the service done. Generally speaking, the more complex the system, the higher the cost to install. Less frequently, a technician will charge by the hour, but it’s more common to be charged for the job.

Are car updates free?

Are Vehicle Software Updates Free? Yes, software updates for your car are typically free. This applies if they correct an issue covered by warranty, fix problems with emissions systems or safety recalls. If your vehicle lacks OTA update capabilities, you will need to take it to your local dealership.

Is it worth it to update car navigation system?

They tend to stay put. But things do change slowly over time. Roads get rerouted or changed for safety, streets get renamed, bridges get replaced, traffic patterns are modified. So, if you use the navigation system often, and drive a lot in unfamiliar places, then it’s probably worth updating every four or five years.

How much does a navigation update cost?

The maps inside the system need to be periodically updated which will cost $100-$200. If you use a phone to link with your car than the cost of the phone could be considered a cost. Also use of the radio/audio/maps system in the car carries a yearly charge to use.

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