How does excess car hire insurance work?

Car Hire Excess is the amount you are responsible for paying towards repair costs if your foreign car rental suffers any damage. Many holiday makers are being asked to pay high excess charges at the car rental desk abroad when they arrive but you can cover these costs for less with us before you travel.

Do you have to pay excess when hiring a car?

What happens if I damage my hire/rental car? If you have an accident or damage the roof, tyres or windscreen of your hire car, the rental company should organise any repairs. This is covered under your ‘damage waiver’. You will however be asked to pay towards the cost of these repairs – this is your ‘excess’.

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What is the difference between CDW and excess insurance?

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) – is not insurance, but an agreement to waive the costs of damage to your rental vehicle if it is involved in a collision. Frequently CDW has an ‘excess’ which is the first part of any claim which the renter will remain liable for.

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Is excess protect worth it?

Excess protection is not just a good option for your own car. It can give you real peace of mind when you hire a car on holiday or on business. When you hire a car, it is insured by the car hire company and you’ll pay an agreed excess fee if any damage occurs.

What does CDW cover in UK?

A Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is additional protection that reduces your liability for damage if your hire car is stolen or damaged. You usually agree to an excess fee, meaning you’ll cover the cost of any repairs up to this amount.

What is the difference between CDW and LDW?

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) provides cover if there is damage to a rental car through an accident. LDW on the other hand, is a combination of CDW and Theft Protection, which means that you will be covered for car replacement if your rental car is stolen during the period of your rental.

What is vehicle excess insurance?

A car insurance excess is the amount you pay (or that is held back by your insurance company) in the event of any claim, regardless of who’s to blame. The excess will vary depending on your car, the age and experience of the drivers on your policy and if you have opted to take protected or guaranteed No Claims Bonus.

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What is excess waiver?

Travel Insurance with excess waiver

Select your chosen cover level and then when prompted opt for the excess waiver. This means paying a small, one-off fee, to waive all excess that the policy would have been subject to, leaving you with a zero excess policy and the cover levels you’re looking for.

What is CDW and SLI insurance?

Additional types of car hire insurance are: Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI)

Do you need SLI car rental?

Do rental cars need liability insurance? Most rental cars come with liability insurance for the third party, and it is included in your car rental. If you need additional coverage than the minimum statutory coverage, then you can buy excess or supplemental liability insurance from the rental agency.

What does CDW allocated inclusive mean?

In car rental, inclusive rate is a type of rate that usually includes mandatory taxes and some basic damage insurance. For example, it might include value-added tax (VAT) and collision damage waiver (CDW).

What is primary SLI cover?

This additional liability cover means that if you are involved in an accident in your hire car, you’re insured against property damage and personal injury. SLI will cover you in the event of a higher claim by increasing third party cover to more comfortable limits.

What does cover myself Pae mean?

PAE provides medical, hospital, death and dismemberment benefits for bodily injury resulting from an accident, and benefits for loss of or damage to certain personal property while in the rented vehicle. Coverage is for the term of the rental agreement and will not exceed a 30-day consecutive period.

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What is a public or livery conveyance?

Public or Livery Conveyance Use — the transporting of people and/or goods for hire, such as by a taxi service, motor carrier, or a delivery service. This coverage is excluded under the personal auto policy (PAP). Incidental use in an insured’s sideline business can be an exception to this exclusion.

What car insurance do I need for USA?

Travellers to the USA and Canada need to consider three types of insurance, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) and Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) when hiring a car.

Does my UK car insurance cover me in the US?

As a rule of thumb, though, your UK insurance will cover you to drive for a short while in many non-EU countries, but in this instance you ARE going to require a ‘green card’.

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