How many ply is Firestone Destination XT?

Internal construction of the Destination X/T utilizes a two-ply, polyester cord casing supporting two high-tensile steel belts.

How many miles are Firestone Destination tires good for?

Backed by a 70,000-mile limited warranty*, these all-season tires will keep your adventure going no matter the destination. *Conditions apply.

What is an XT tire?

Hybrid tires, also known as X/T or crossover tires, have larger tread voids than all-terrain tires, especially on the shoulder lugs. They also have pretty aggressive side-biters. They are a perfect blend of AT and MT tires, with on and off-road capabilities.

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How long do XT tires last?

50,000 miles tread life warranty and Road Hazard warranty with some sizes.

What’s the difference between XT and AT tires?

While both tires have off-road capability, the A/T R has a tread design that puts more rubber on the road to give better performance on the pavement. The X/T is more suited for off road use due to its deeper and wider voids that shed mud, and dig into loose dirt.

Are Firestone Destination XT tires good in snow?

Trust your tires wherever they take you with Firestone’s Destination X/T all-terrain, all-weather truck and SUV tires. The Destination X/T lived up to its 3-peak mountain snowflake certification with good cornering and braking on the ice and snow in our independent tire testing.

Are venom XT tires good?

If you’re looking for a great budget hybrid tire, the Venom Power Terra Hunter XT is an excellent option. They offer incredible value for money while also coming up surprisingly well in regards to performance on all terrains and have a great looking aggressive tread pattern.

Which tire is better H or T?

H-Rated Tires: This is a perfect, average tire for most sedans and commuter vehicles. It might not seem to fit in our chart, but the tire speed rating “H” is rated for up to 130 mph. T-Rated Tires: This tire is often recommended for family sedans and vans. It’s rated for up to 118 mph.

What does RT tire stand for?

R/T Rugged-Terrain Tires

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The R/T rugged-terrain is a relatively new tire design and designation. R/T tires are sometimes called tweener tires because their on- and off-road performance and tread aggressiveness fits in between the A/T and M/T tire types.

What tire is better R or D?

A radial tire flexes more than a bias tire, giving it better ground contact, traction, stability, and tread wear. A radial tire will normally run cooler than a bias ply tire, especially when the tire is under a load. A tire that runs cooler will last longer. For those reasons I would recommend an R tire over a D tire.

Are RT tires noisy?

“ARE THEY LOUD?” Road noise is typically the initial topic of conversation in off-road tire discussions. Some tires roar, others hum and the best produce an auditory whisper. In regards to excessive noise with the Open Country R/Ts, there’s none.

What does M and S mean on a tire?

What Does M+S Mean on a Tire? M+S is an acronym for “mud and snow.” It’s a branding found on the sidewall of some all-season tires. It’s important to note there is no actual testing or accreditation to earn the M+S label.

What are good all season tires?

5 Best All-Season Tires
  • Michelin Defender LTX – Shop on Tire Rack and Discount Tire.
  • Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ All-Season – Shop on Tire Rack and Discount Tire.
  • Hankook Kinergy PT – Shop on Tire Rack and Discount Tire.
  • Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady – Shop on Tire Rack and Discount Tire.

Are 3 peak tires worth it?

They’re particularly good for clearing slush or mixed-condition snow at higher speeds. They’re better at low-temperature braking and cornering. And while no tire is all that useful on slick ice, a winter tire might give you a better chance.

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What does P mean on a tire?

P identifies your tire as a Passenger Tire. The P stands for PMetric. If your tire size starts with LT rather than a P than it identifies the tire as a Light Truck tire. 225 identifies the tire section width, which is the measurement of the tire from sidewall to sidewall in millimeters.

Which is the best traction grade?

Traction. Traction markings indicate how well a tire will perform in wet conditions. The traction rating can be AA, A, B or C. AA is the highest level of wet traction and C is the lowest.

What does LT stand for on a tire?

What Does LT Mean on a Tire? An “LT” on your sidewall before that long string of numbers and letters denoting your tire size signifies the tire is a “Light Truck-metric” size; it was designed for use on a vehicle that carries heavy cargo loads or tows a large trailer.

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