How much can a 2003 f350 7.3 diesel tow?

The average towing capacity of the 2003 Ford F-350’s ranged from 6,800 pounds and went all the way up to 14,100 pounds. The 6.8l, 7.3l and the 6.0l engines all had the best specs in the charts, ranging from 9,400-14,100 pounds and the 5.4l came up pretty shy compared to those specs, ranging from 6,800-9,300 pounds.

How much can a 2003 Ford f250 7.3 L tow?

Max Towing Capacity: 12,500 lbs. Max Payload Capacity: 3,010 lbs.

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How many MPG does a 7.3 get?

Driving the truck empty is a comfortable experience. Starting and stopping are smooth, and the ride is, as expected, a little rough. Over the 58.8-mile course I used 3.954 gallons of gas, which gave me a calculated 14.87 mpg. The computer read 14.9 mpg, which is exactly the same as our calculated number when rounded.

How many miles will a 7.3 power stroke last?

Robust, iron parts, conservative power and low engine speed are the key ingredients for any diesel engine lasting forever—and if a 7.3L has gone unmodified yet been well maintained its entire life, 400,000 to 500,000 miles is virtually guaranteed.

How much can a 7.3 Super Duty tow?

When paired with the 7.3L V8 engine, the truck has the ability to tow 15,000 pounds but can extend to 19,300 pounds when equipped for 5th-wheel/gooseneck towing.

How much can a 7.3 L gas engine tow?

New 7.3L Gas V8
Horsepower 430 HP @ 5,500 rpm
Torque 475 lb.-ft. @ 4,000 rpm
Maximum Towing 20,000 lbs.

Is the 7.3 Powerstroke good for towing?

The 7.3L Powerstroke in F250/F350 Super Duty Pickups or Excursions make excellent tow vehicles for a camper. They make decent power, have good tow capacities, get better MPGs than similar sized gas motors, they are nigh indestructible, and they take to mods like a fish to water.

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Is the Ford 7.3 a reliable engine?

Ford 7.3L combustion engine is a simple pushrod V8 with a single camshaft. Even though the setup is fairly dated by current standards, it’s proven to be highly reliable and durable.

Why did Ford stop making the 7.3 diesel?

The 7.3 L DI Power Stroke was in production until the first quarter of model year 2003, when it was replaced by the 6.0 L because of its inability to meet California noise regulations, not the commonly believed emissions standards.

What is the most miles ever put on a 7.3 Powerstroke?

Meet 80-year-old Mr. Freeland, the owner of a 2000 Ford F-350 DRW 7.3L Power Stroke Diesel with 1.3 million miles!

Why is 7.3 diesel so good?

It’s the 7.3L, the venerable O.G. of the Power Stroke nameplate and the first diesel power plant to reach 500 lb-ft of torque. It’s also the engine that brought full electronic control and an extremely intricate (yet ultimately reliable) HEUI injection system to the diesel industry.

Is a 7.3 Powerstroke bulletproof?

The 7.3L Powerstroke is considered by many to be indestructible! Even as bulletproof as 7.3L can be, lack of proper maintenance and stupid mistakes can be the undoing of this of this endurance diesel engine platform.

How fast is the fastest 7.3 Powerstroke?

1. Matt Kubik: 7.60 at 192.19 MPH. Thanks to the compound turbo’d, P-pumped 7.3L Power Stroke mill under the fiberglass front clip, Matt Kubik’s “Demented” ’98 Mustang has plenty of cool factor built into it. For a lot of reasons (though mainly for horsepower potential), a mechanically-injected 7.3L (vs.

How much HP can you get out of a 7.3 Power Stroke?

The 7.3 Powerstroke is a two-valve behemoth which measures in at 444 cubic inches and has a maximum stock power rating of 275hp and 525lb. ft. of torque.

What year did the 7.3 Get a turbo?

1993 saw the debut of the 7.3L with a turbocharger. The engine’s internal parts were also upgraded to withstand the turbo boost pressure.

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