How to Photograph Cars For Sale to get Maximum Exposure

It’s time to sell your car and you want to get the most you can, there are several things you need to provide and one key component is the photographs. The market is flooded with other attractive cars, so you need to take advantage of every opportunity to catch buyer’s attention to click on and follow up on your advert.

Photographs can easily determine if you receive views on your advert, or have users pass on it. Therefore I’ll be going through some tips on the best way to photograph your car, no matter if it’s a BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Toyota or another brand, to get the maximum chance to get exposure for your vehicle.

How to Photograph Cars For Sale

Tip #1 – What kind of camera to use?

These days cameras on phones are adequate and do the job very well. But if you have a D-SLR in hand I would take that option, as these cameras are built solely to get the most crip and vivid colors of the foreground.

Tip #2 – Clean car inside out

Make sure your car is clean on the outside, inside, and engine bay. People respond better to something shiny and a clean car is the best presentation you can give your advert.

Tip #3 – Clear Location & Daylight

Choose a location that is not busy with activity, such as people, traffic, or anything eye-catching that will distract the viewer from the foreground which is your car.

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Tip #4 – Photo Angles

If you are limited in photographs because the platform you are advertising has a limit of example 5 photographs, I would recommend the following angles:

  1. Front Left 3/4
  2. Rear Right 3/4
  3. Interior – Dashboard, and Part of Seat
  4. Engine Bay
  5. Closeup of Speedo or Other Accessories that are included with the car

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