What does pay per mile mean?

With a pay-per-mile policy, drivers typically pay a monthly base rate, such as $29, plus a certain charge per mile that they drive. Like traditional auto insurance, the base rate may factor in the driver’s location, vehicle, and demographic information. The per-mile charge is often 5 or 6 cents or so.

What is the best mileage for car insurance?

Different insurance providers have their own idea of what constitutes low mileage. But 8,000-10,000 miles per year is considered fairly standard, so if you drive far less than that, you could be on track for discounted insurance.

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Is pay by mile insurance worth it?

Is pay-per-mile car insurance worth it? It depends on how often you drive. If you consistently log low mileage, pay-per-mile insurance may be cheaper than a traditional auto policy. But if you’re considering it only because you know you’ll be temporarily driving less, a traditional policy is still the best choice.

Does Milewise track speed?

Does Allstate Milewise track driving habits? Yes, Allstate Milewise uses a device that plugs into your vehicle’s OBD port to detect your mileage, location, speed and more. The data collected is viewable through your Allstate online account or by downloading the mobile app.

Does Drivewise drain car battery?

Yes. However, the battery drain is comparable to other navigation apps you’d typically run while driving. Drivewise recommends keeping your phone plugged in while driving.

What does Milewise mean?

Milewise is Allstate’s pay-per-mile auto insurance coverage, and the company offers competitive rates to people who drive fewer than 13,500 miles per year. Before you choose Allstate as your insurance provider, it’s a good idea to find and compare car insurance quotes from several providers in your area.

What happens if you unplug Drivewise?

Nothing happens if you unplug Drivewise just a handful of times. Allstate encourages drivers to unplug the device if it needs to be reset or if your car is in for service. Each time you connect and disconnect the device, however, Allstate receives a timestamp.

Does Drivewise know if Im speeding?

Speed. While the app will calculate the vehicle’s average speed, it will also track how often and how long the vehicle exceeds 80 MPH. Starts and stops. Drivewise tracks the number of times when a vehicle accelerates too quickly or experiences sudden or extreme braking.

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Does Drivewise really save money?

Allstate Drivewise is an above average usage-based insurance program, since it can save drivers up to 40% and never increases a customer’s premium.

How does Drivewise know who is driving?

Drivewise knows if you’re driving by using your phone’s GPS. It can tell how fast you’re going, how many miles you drive regularly, where you are, and how fast you brake. The app analyzes the data it collects and extends discounts to smart and safe drivers.

Can you turn Allstate Drivewise off?

Drivewise only rewards good behavior—it doesn’t punish bad. You can cancel Drivewise anytime by calling Drivewise support at (877) 431-7670.

Can you cancel Drivewise?

You can cancel your participation in Drivewise at any time by notifying your Allstate agent or an Allstate representative at 1-800-ALLSTATE (800-255-7828). We will update your policy information. We will also provide instructions on how to return the device, if applicable, at no cost to you.

Does Allstate Drivewise use data?

Drivewise uses your cellular data to operate and collect information about your trip. However, it only does so after your trip ends and you’re connected to either cellular data or Wi-Fi.

How much can I save with Drivewise?

Drivers can receive a premium discount of up to 10% for enrolling in Drivewise and then up to 25% every six months for driving safely, according to an Allstate spokesperson. The savings come either as a discount or as cash back depending on the state where you live, and you’ll receive them when you renew your policy.

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How does Allstate drive Wise work?

Allstate Drivewise is a mobile app that rewards policyholders with deals and discounts based on their actual driving behavior. Allstate claims its customers can get up to 40% off their car insurance policy for practicing good driving habits.

Are safe driving apps worth it?

If you use an app from your car insurance company that tracks your driving habits, you certainly could reduce your costs by avoiding things like speeding, hard braking and distracted driving (such as phone use). Savings vary by company, and they only result if you maintain their safety requirements.

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