What does SLT mean on a Dodge Ram?

What models have an SLT or SLE trim?
Vehicle Model Classification
GMC Yukon Full-Size SUV
Dodge/Ram 1500 (SLT only) Light-Duty/Half-Ton Pickup Truck
Dodge/Ram 2500 (SLT Only) Heavy-Duty/Three-Quarter-Ton Pickup Truck
Dodge/Ram 3500 (SLT only) Heavy-Duty/1-Ton Pickup Truck

What does SLT stand for on a truck?

SLT stands for Special Luxury Touring. Most people aim for this trim when they’re doing Sunday driving and roadtrips.

What package is the SLT?

SLT is the trim package between Denali and the base SLE. GMC crafts the Denali with a modern design, a unique grille, the finest materials and the latest safety technologies.

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What’s better SLE or SLT?

SLT seats are trimmed with perforated leather, while the SLE seats are premium cloth. The SLT also offers a standard upgraded eight-way power front driver’s seat. Upgrade your entertainment and connectivity with a standard 8-inch GMC infotainment system for the SLT versus a 7-inch infotainment system in the SLE.

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What are the levels of RAM trucks?

2022 Ram 1500 Trims
  • Tradesman®
  • Tradesman HFE.
  • Big Horn®
  • Laramie®
  • Rebel®
  • Limited Longhorn™
  • Limited.
  • TRX®

What is included in SLT Convenience Package?

The SLT Convenience Package gains bucket seats, a center console, ventilated front seats, and a power-adjustable steering wheel. To add adaptive cruise control, a power sliding rear window, a HomeLink transceiver, and heated second-row seats, grab the Preferred Package.

What’s the difference between a Dodge Laramie and SLT?

The Laramie does have more comfort and convenience, including leather seating and bucket seats, which are not available in the SLT. Also, the RamBox Cargo Management feature is an option with the Ram 1500 Laramie, but it is not available with the SLT. Available on SLT, not Laramie: Regular cab.

Which Dodge Ram model is the best?

TrueCar ranks the following vehicles as the best Ram trucks to buy:
  • Ram 1500.
  • Ram 1500 Classic.
  • Ram 3500.
  • Ram 2500.
  • Ram ProMaster City Cargo Van.

What is the top of the line Dodge Ram 1500?

Ram 1500 TRX

The highest trim level of the Ram 1500 is the TRX. With the TRX, you’ll get the most powerful engine option—a 6.2L Supercharged HEMI® V8 engine with a whopping 702 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque. You’ll be able to tackle whatever the road throws at you.

What are the different levels of RAM 1500?

Compare the 2022 Ram 1500 Trim Levels
  • Tradesman.
  • Tradesman HFE.
  • Big Horn.
  • Laramie.
  • Rebel.
  • Limited Longhorn.
  • Limited.
  • TRX.

Is Ram 1500 a luxury car?

The Ram 1500 Longhorn and Limited are examples of how we deliver the most luxurious pickups in the industry. It is immensely satisfying to have Cars.com recognize the Ram 1500 as Luxury Car of the Year,” said Reid Bigland, Head of Ram Brand.

Which Ram truck is the most luxurious?


Get the feel of first class. The 2022 Ram 1500 is equipped with luxurious leather-trimmed seating options, exceptional legroom and storage, plus the tech you expect from a premium pickup truck.

Are Rams better than f150?

The F-150 sacrifices interior comfort for higher towing/hauling capacity. The Ram 1500 has better storage, technology, and comfort options, but the F-150 offers a pricey upgrade to max towing/hauling capacity that you would need to upgrade to an Ram 2500 to match.

Which Dodge truck is most reliable?

Ram 1500. The Dodge Ram 1500 was named “Most Improved” in a JD Power dependability study in 2013. The Ram 1500’s dependability ranking increased by 30 percent compared to the industry average of 5 percent—making Ram Truck the most improved overall brand for the 2013 model year.

What is truly the best truck?

U.S. News Best Truck Brands for 2022:
  • 7) Toyota: Average Overall Score: 6.95/10.
  • 6) Nissan: Average Overall Score: 7.6/10.
  • 5) Chevrolet: Average Overall Score: 7.85/10.
  • 4) GMC: Average Overall Score: 7.9/10.
  • 3) Honda: Average Overall Score: 8.3/10.
  • 2) Ford: Average Overall Score: 8.35/10.
  • 1) Ram: Average Overall Score: 9.1/10.

What is the #1 selling truck?

Most popular truck in America: full-size pickup
Full-Size Pickup 2022 Sales (proj.) 2019 Sales
1. Ford F-Series pickup 618,000 Units 580,000 Units
2. Chevy Silverado pickup 480,000 Units 395,000 Units
3. Ram pickup 462,000 Units 426,000 Units
4. GMC Sierra pickup 270,000 Units 162,000 Units

Do Ram trucks hold their value?

You know you need a truck that can last many thousands of miles on the road. You know you need a Ram. Ram trucks hold their resale value very well. When you purchase one of these trucks, you can rest assured that in a few years, when you go to sell, you are going to get your money back.

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