What is included in BMW Ultimate Care+?

The items included in the Ultimate Care program include engine oil, engine filter, brake fluid, cabin microfilters, engine air filters, and spark plugs. Additional items include the remote control key battery, vehicle check, and the fuel filter for diesel engines.

Does BMW Ultimate Care Plus cover tires?

The maintenance coverage period is for the first 4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. Exclusions from coverage include: gasoline, gasoline additives, windshield washer fluid, fluid top-offs, battery, tires, wheels, wheel alignment and tire balancing. All work must be performed by an authorized BMW Center.

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What is the cost of BMW Ultimate Care?

BMW Maintenance Cost Breakdown* for BMW Ultimate Care+
BMW Maintenance Cost BMW Ultimate Care+
All Models $600

What is included in BMW Ultimate Care+? – Related Questions

Does BMW Ultimate Care cover brake rotors?

Exclusions from coverage include: gasoline, gasoline additives, windshield washer fluid, fluid top-offs, battery, tires, wheels, wheel alignment, wear and tear items such as brake pads, brake rotors, wiper blades, clutches and tire balancing. All work must be performed by an authorized BMW Center.

Are BMW oil changes more expensive?

It will usually cost between $135 and $175 to get a BMW oil change compared to an oil change for a more affordable car will cost between $35 and $75. Prices vary because of three factors: type of oil, parts, and labor. BMWs use special synthetic oil, which performs better at low temperatures.

Can I cancel BMW Ultimate Care Plus?

Cancellation requests MUST be filed either through the selling dealership or the Administrator. Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing. You may access your cancellation status online or contact us at 844-245-1273.

Does BMW sell extended warranty?

Purchase a BMW extended warranty. This type of BMW warranty comes in a few different plan coverages such as: Powertrain Plus: Covers fuel and cooling systems, transmission, drive axle, and the engine. Gold: Covers Powertrain Plus items, anti-lock brake system, steering, heating and air conditioning systems.

How much does it cost to replace brake pads on a BMW?

BMW brake pads replacement, which includes parts and labor, can cost anywhere between $150 and $300 per axle depending on the type of brake pads desired and the extent of the damage your previously worn down pads have caused to the other components of your vehicle such as the rotors.

How many miles do BMW brake pads last?

Brake pads can last anywhere between 30,000-70,000 miles, depending on the brake pads’ quality. Your rotors will last around 70,000 miles because they are denser. If you believe it’s time to replace your vehicle’s brake pads or rotors, schedule a service appointment with us today.

How much should a full brake job cost?

How much should it be to replace the brake pads and rotors? Expect a brake job of replacing brake pads and rotors to cost $250-$400 per axle on average.

How long do BMW rotors last?

Consistently, BMW rotors need to be replaced every 30,000 – 80,000 miles depending on the factors above. It is always best to reference your BMW maintenance manual for more information.

How much does it cost to replace rotors on a BMW?

BMW Brake rotor replacement can cost anywhere between $300 – $750 for all four rotors to be replaced. This price price encompasses labor and elements.

How do you tell if rotors need replacing?

It could represent four signs that it’s time to replace your brake rotors.

How often should BMW brake discs be replaced?

If you keep them well maintained and drive sensibly, you may be able to get up to 80,000 miles out of one set! However, it is always worth keeping an eye on your brake discs because they can deteriorate in as little as 25 to 30,000 miles. It’s worth keeping an eye on your brake pads as well.

How do I know if my brake discs are worn?

Natural brake disc wear is relatively easy to detect. When a disc is worn, a burr can be felt at the rim, as the disc only becomes worn where the brake pad is applied. The more pronounced the burr, the worse the disc wear is. Experts use special instruments to measure the thickness of the brake discs.

How much do brakes cost on BMW?

New brake prices can vary depending on your BMW model. On average, brake pad replacement can cost about $150 – $300 per axle, depending on the brake pad material. If there was any previous damage done to your brake pads, it may have affected other parts of your brakes, like the rotors.

Does my BMW tell me when to change my brakes?

BMW Brake Warning Light Means Replace Your Brakes

If the brake warning light—not the same one that illuminates when you apply the parking brake—comes on while you’re driving, it means your brake system is low on fluid.

How often does a BMW need an oil change?

Even your BMW owner’s manuals recommend an oil change every 15,000 miles. And on most BMW cars, the reminder lights on the instrument panel are set to remind the driver to change their oil at this time, too. But, changing your oil sooner can help prolong engine life and performance.

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