What kind of tires go on a Toyota 4Runner?

Most Toyota 4Runners come stock with 265/70R17 tires, although Limited trim levels ride on 245/60R20 tires. Both of these tire sizes are 32” tires.

What brand are stock 4Runner tires?

Original Equipment 4Runner Tires

The current generation 4Runner is sold in multiple trims with two tire sizes: The 4Runner SR5, TRD Pro, and TRD Off-Road trims come with 17-inch wheels and 265/70R17 tires. The OE tire for these trims is either the Firestone Winterforce 2 UV or the Goodyear Wrangler AT/S.

Do 4Runners do well in snow?

On the face of it, the 4Runner has pretty much everything you want for suburban wintering. You get proper four-wheel-drive high and low gears shifted with an easy-to-use knob. You get about nine inches of ground clearance, which is all you need if you’re not climbing the Rubicon trail.

Why is 4Runner resale so high?

Why are used Toyota 4Runners so expensive? The 4Runner has an excellent reputation for durability, reliability and longevity. It’s a solid machine with impressive off-road chops. As such, even high-mileage models are in high demand, which pushes the price up.

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What is the best year of a Toyota 4Runner?

  • 2017 4Runner. This is the most recent model year of the 4Runner to be named as most dependable in its category. The 2017 4Runner received a total score or 84. For Quality/Reliability, it received an 88.
  • 2008 4Runner. The 2008 4Runner was named the most dependable midsize SUV in 2011. It received a total score of 86.

What is the most common problem with a Toyota 4Runner?

Both electrical system and service brakes problems are also the subject of complaints about the 2021 4Runner. But the most common problems reported to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) so far relate to steering, suspension, and vehicle wheels.

Do 4runners have good resale value?

Trucks aren’t the only vehicle built for off-roading. So is the 2022 Toyota 4Runner — and like its siblings, it also placed in this year’s Best Resale Value Top 10 list at No. 6. Its predicted resale value is 58.6% five years after purchase.

Does a 4Runner retain its value?

The 2022 4Runner, for example, leads all SUVs with a resale value of 58 percent, significantly higher than the SUV average of 48.7 percent. The 4Runner is even notable compared to off-road-capable SUVs like the Ford Bronco Sport (57.8 percent).

Do Toyota 4 Runners hold their value?

A Toyota 4Runner will depreciate 19% after 5 years and have a 5 year resale value of $44,562. The Toyota 4Runner ranks in our Top 10 for both the 5-year and 7-year rankings, and does very well for retaining its value over time. The 4Runner has been in production since 1984, and has a very loyal following.

Do 4Runners flip easily?

Toyota has even admitted that the 4Runner is prone to rollovers on dry flat surfaces. The 4Runner has been known to rollover at speeds of less than 40 miles per hour during evasive maneuvers.

What year 4Runners have frame problems?

In December 2018, a lawsuit was filed against Toyota Motor Corporation in South Carolina on the basis of consumers experiencing premature rusting of the frame of the vehicles. The defective automobiles are Toyota 4Runners manufactured between 2003 and 2009, which fall under the 4th generation of the company’s vehicles.

Why do people love 4Runners?

Toyota 4runners are known for being simple, capable off-road, and their reliability is nearly unrivaled. They offer an adventurous image for their owner and hold their value very well. The legendary Toyota truck family’s reputation carries over to the 4runner and it’s certainly deserved.

Is a 4Runner a mom car?

Who is Toyota’s biggest rival?

Toyota competitors include Chrysler, Honda, Ford Motor Company, Volkswagen and Chevrolet. Toyota ranks 1st in CEO Score on Comparably vs its competitors.

What is the most luxurious 4Runner?

The Limited is the most luxurious 4Runner you can buy and comes with heated and cooled leather front seats, a power sliding moonroof, 20-inch six-spoke alloy wheels and dual-zone climate control. The Limited trim starts at $49,375 for the RWD model and $51,410 for 4WD.


Which 4Runner is best on gas?

Check out the 2022 Toyota 4Runner gas mileage ratings by trim level below:
  • TRD Pro- 16 city, 19 highway*
  • Limited- 16 city, 19 highway*
  • TRD Off-Road Premium- 16 city, 19 highway*
  • TRD Off-Road- 16 city, 19 highway*
  • SR5 Premium- 16 city, 19 highway*
  • Trail Special Edition- 16 city, 19 highway*

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