What size is a G78 15 tire?

How Do I Convert Old Tire Sizes?
Tire SizeOverall DiameterLoad Capacity
G78-1528.0″1,620 lbs @ 32 psi
G70-1527.5″1,620 lbs @ 32 psi
G60-1526.4″1,620 lbs @ 32 psi

What size is a 670 15 tire?

Coker Classic | 2 3/4 Inch Whitewall | 670-15.

What tire size is equivalent to H78 15?

The modern equivalent of the H78-15 tires are tires sized at 225/75-15. A good replacement for your tire in this size is the Kenda Karrier 225/75-15 Radial Tire, part # AM10251. This tire has Load Range of C and is a 6 ply (the lowest we have in this size).

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What is a 78 15 tire?

What is hr78-15 mean on a tire. asked by: Kelly G. Expert Reply: The HR is Highway Radial, 78 is the tire width and 15 the rim size. The metric tire size that matches up with your HR78 15 tires is 225/75-15.

What size is a 6.00-15 tire?


What is the difference between 75R15 and 75D15?

What is the difference between D15 and R15? Expert Reply: The difference between a D15 tire and an R15 tire is the construction. The D denotes that it’s a bias tire and the R is for a radial tire.

What size tire is 700 15?

A 7.00-15 tire will be about 8 inches wide and have an overall diameter of about 29 inches.

What size is a 6.40 15 tire?

Vintage Tire Size Conversion Chart
Pre-19641965-72P-Metric 70 series Radial

What size is L78 15?

Tires – L78-15 Tire Size – 29.30 in. Tire Diameter – Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing. Tire Diameter: 29.30 in.

How tall is a P78 15 tire?

For everyone asking about the sizes, we brought back in the N78-15, which is 31 inches tall for a 15-inch rim, and P78-16, which is 33.2 inches tall for a 16-inch rim.

What tire is equivalent to a G78 14?

Expert Reply: The G78-14 trailer tire that you have converts to a ST205/75-14 tire in today’s trailer tire sizes.

What tire does the military use?

Army vehicles have pneumatic tires which are designed to resist a deflation even after puncturing them, and which enable them to continue to be driven at reduced speeds and for a limited distance.

What size is a G78 14?

Coker Tire Tires – G78-14 Tire Size – 27.10 in. Tire Diameter – Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing. This New Year is all About Savings – Shop the Clearance Sale! Tire Diameter: 27.10 in.

Is D or R better for trailer tires?

A radial tire flexes more than a bias tire, giving it better ground contact, traction, stability, and tread wear. A radial tire will normally run cooler than a bias ply tire, especially when the tire is under a load. A tire that runs cooler will last longer. For those reasons I would recommend an R tire over a D tire.

Why can’t you use truck tires on a trailer?

The dangers. When a car or truck tire is used on a trailer, it causes stress that the tire wasn’t designed to handle. The tread of the tire begins wearing differently than it was designed. The tire’s actual weight capacity is different from the load rating shown because of the different frame designs.

What ply tire is best for travel trailer?

The 10-ply Maxxis M8008 ST is a top choice for owners of large travel trailers. Its load capacity of 2830 pounds in load range E is up to the task for most RVs in that class and it has a speed rating we don’t ever recommend testing with a trailer (R, which is up to 106 miles per hour).

What is the best tire to put on a trailer?

C load range tires are suitable for many types of trailers. With a tire pressure of 50 psi, a C range tire with a diameter of 14” can support a load of about 1,700 pounds per tire.

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