What size tire does a 2010 Honda Odyssey have?

2010 Honda Odyssey EX-L Tire Size: 235/65R16.

What is difference between Odyssey EX-L and Touring?

With the Touring trim, you get additional features such as: Blue Ambient LED Lighting. Advanced Rear Entertainment System with 10.2-inch High-Resolution Screen, Blu-Ray™ Player, Built-In Streaming Apps and Wireless Headphones.

What size rims are on 2010 Honda Odyssey?

16-17″ diameter, 7″ width
2010 Honda Odyssey / Wheel size

What size tire does a 2010 Honda Odyssey have? – Related Questions

Can I use 15-inch wheels instead of 14?

Expert Reply: Yes, you can switch from a 14-inch tire and wheel combo to a 15-inch tire and wheel combo, so long as your new wheel has the same bolt pattern, and you have the space to fit the larger wheel and tire.

How do I know if my rims are 27 or 700?

The rim diameter of a 700c wheel is actually slightly smaller than that of a ’27inch’. 700c bead diameter is 622mm whereas 27″ bead diameter is 630mm.

What size rim does a Honda Odyssey have?

The Odyssey EX-L features machine-finished 18-inch alloy wheels with shark-gray inserts and 235/60 R18 all-season tires. The Odyssey Sport rolls with aggressive 19-inch black alloy wheels wrapped in 235/55 R19 all-season tires.

What are my stock rim size?

Look at the backside of the wheel.

If it’s an original wheel, you’ll ordinarily see imprinted on the spokes the make, origin country, OEM number, and size. But for a steel stock wheel, you may find the wheel size on the front side, or the face, of the wheel. For example, the size of the wheel will look like “18×7 ½ ”.

How do I find out my rim size?

First, start with the wheel size for your vehicle. You can find that on the sidewall of the tires on your original wheels or the inside frame of the driver’s door. Check out Tire Size Explained (Reading the Sidewall) for more. The wheel diameter (in inches or millimeters) is the fifth set of numbers and letters.

What is the bolt pattern on a 2010 Honda Odyssey?

What bolt pattern does the Honda Odyssey have? The latest generation of Honda Odyssey features a 5×120 bolt pattern, although earlier generations came with a 5×114.

Are 6×5 5 and 6×139 7 the same?

A: Yes, 6×5. 5 is a 6×139. 7 (it’s metric vs. standard measurements).

Are all Honda bolt patterns the same?

Do Honda cars all have the same lug pattern? No. Check your lug pattern based on your car model. Honda vehicles span a wide range of lug patterns.

What wheels fit a Honda Odyssey?

The Odyssey LX features 18-inch alloy wheels painted a light silver and fitted with 235/60 R18 all-season tires. EX comes with pewter gray-painted 18-inch alloy wheels with 235/60 R18 all-season tires. Odyssey EX-L features machine-finished 18-inch alloy wheels with shark-gray inserts and 235/60 R18 all-season tires.

Can you put different size tires on rims?

Tires are a part of the wheel setup. For instance, your vehicle has a set size of rims, but you can buy different sizes of tires to fit those rims, as long as the middle of the tires is the correct size. That being said, a vehicle with bigger rims will often be able to fit larger tires than other vehicles.

Is it OK to change wheel size?

You cannot simply go out and put on a larger wheel and tire and expect your car to be the same. Your car is designed to roll on a specific wheel and tire size. Changes to either may start a cascade of handling and mechanical issues if you don’t plan carefully.

Can you just put bigger wheels on a car?

If planned or installed incorrectly, up-sized tires may also rub the wheel well, brake calipers, or vehicle frame, potentially wearing down any parts they grind against. At Tires Plus, we generally recommend against up-sizing your vehicle’s tires.

Can bigger tires affect transmission?

Unfortunately, big tires can also go hand-in-hand with something less enjoyable: transmission failure.

Do taller tires improve gas mileage?

Tire Size. Larger tires decrease your fuel economy because they are heavier, while smaller tires increase fuel efficiency. Bigger tires also have a higher rolling resistance than smaller tires which means they require more resistance and effort to get them rolling.

Do bigger tires affect steering?

Poor Handling

On the downside, a wider contact area reduces the responsiveness of tires to the steering wheel. As tires take longer to rotate, steering becomes more challenging than usual. Large tires further add weight and limit the movement of your drivetrain.

Does a car with bigger tires go faster?

Increasing the wheel diameter will also increase the final reduction ratio, which has two consequences: acceleration potential is decreased, but a higher top speed is reached. In other words, the bigger the tires on a car, the slower it will accelerate, but it will have higher top speeds.

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