What size tire fits an 18×8 wheel?

For the 18×8, you can either use 225/40 or 235/40. Both are perferctly nice fitment in terms of sidewall shape. In fact, if you are going for a tyre brand that has round sidewalls, you may prefer the looks of the wider tyre. I prefer 235/40 because they fill the guards slightly better.

What width of tire can you put on an 8 inch rim?

So what tire size fits well into an 8-inch wheel? The best tire width for 8-inch rim is 235, but you can go lower or higher. Typically, an 8-inch wheel fits into tires ranging between 215 and 245.

What size tires can fit on 18 inch rims?

Tire Sizes by Wheel Diameter
18″ Options

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How wide is 285 tire?


What is the most popular 18 tire size?

The most popular 18″ tires
  • 235/55R18.
  • 235/60R18.
  • 265/65R18.
  • P275/65R18.

Can you put 33 inch tires on stock 18 inch rims?

What is the advantage of 18 inch wheels?

Pros of 18-Inch Wheels and Tires

Because 18-inch tires have a larger sidewall, they are typically more flexible than ones with a smaller sidewall. Your tires act as shock absorbers and can provide a greater cushion when going over bumps and potholes.

How big of a tire can I fit on my rim?

As a general rule of thumb, it’s safe to fit a tire up to 20 millimeters wider than stock on the original rim. The actual width of the tire will vary depending on the width of the rim: The tire will expand 5 millimeters for every half inch (12.5 millimeters) increase in rim width.

What size tires go on what size rims?

Equivalency table
Rim widthMinimum tire widthIdeal tire width
7,0 Inches195 mm205 or 215 mm
7,5 Inches205 mm215 or 225 mm
8,0 Inches215 mm225 or 235 mm
8,5 Inches225 mm235 or 245 mm

What is the width of a 275 tire?

“275/35R19” means the tire is 275 mm wide, has an aspect ratio (that is, the width divided by the height) of 35%, and fits on a 19″ wheel. You can figure out the height of the sidewall by multiplying the section width (275) times the aspect ratio (35%). The sidewall height of our example tire would be 275 * .

Can you put a 275 tire on a 8.5 inch rim?

A 275 is way too wide for an 8.5″ wheel. Like Natedog said, a 255 is the widest thats recommended for an 8.5.

Can I replace 265 tires with 275?

Going from 265 to 275 is fine on your car and you should not notice any difference in driving. It’s less than a 4% difference in width: 10/265 = 0.0377).

Should I replace my tires at 8 32?

Used tires tread can be up to 90%, but the average is 6-8/32”. Tires in good condition should have a minimum of 6/32” to be useful, or 4/32” if the tire is 13-14”. The average legal minimum tread depth is 2/32”, but driving becomes unsafe with such a tread.

Do bigger tires affect engine?

Bigger wheels mean heavier wheels, and heavy wheels force your engine to work harder and use up more gas. How much gas you use will be dependent on the strength of your engine. The loss in miles per gallon will be more apparent if your car has a smaller engine. These engines are not made to handle big, heavy wheels.

What is a 265 75 tire equivalent to?


For example a LT265/75R16 would be around 31.6 inches tall and 10 inches wide.

Which tire is taller 70 or 75?

The higher the number, the taller the sidewall (and vice versa). From the foregoing, it appears that tires with the same section width should have the same width regardless of aspect ratio.

How many inches tall is a 285 tire?

What is 285/70R17 tire sidewall height? 285/70R17 tire has a sidewall height of 7.9 inches or 200 mm which is the measurement of tire sidewall from the wheel rim to the top of tire tread. Tire sidewall height or “profile” depends on aspect ratio – lower aspect ratio means lower tire profile.

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