What size tires do I need for a 2009 Honda Accord?

2009 Honda Accord EX-L Coupe V6 Tire Size: P235/45R18.

What brand of tires does Honda recommend?

Honda Tires

Michelin® offers the best tires for Honda to meet your safety and performance needs for every season and function.

How many miles will a 2009 Honda Accord last?

How Long Can a Honda Accord Last? A Honda Accord has the potential to last for 200,000 miles if it’s cared for properly, even if it’s an old Honda Accord like the models in our used inventory. Consumer Reports has claimed that Accord is one of the vehicles most likely to do so.

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What year Accord is most reliable?

According to safety ratings, user reviews, and professional assessments, the 2013 Honda Accord sedan can be considered the most reliable in the lineup.

What are the most common problems on 2009 Honda Accord?

What Problems Does the 2009 Honda Accord Have?
  • Premature brake wear is the most common problem owners have.
  • Excessive oil consumption is another frequent issue, becoming more common around 70,000 miles.
  • Uncomfortable seats are one of the most common complaints from owners.

What is a good mileage for a 2009 Honda Accord?

Fuel Economy
City21 MPG
Highway30 MPG
Combined24 MPG

Is the 2009 Honda Accord a good car?

The 2009 Honda Accord is a highly-ranked 2009 midsize car that reviewers praised for its sporty performance and power, as well as its high-quality interior. The Accord also has an exceptional safety score.

What is considered high mileage on a Honda?

Considering that a properly maintained Civic can potentially last 150,000 to 200,000 miles, anything below 80,000 miles is considered good mileage. If you can find a used Civic that had a careful owner who mostly drove on the highway or in the countryside, it can be a safe choice even if it has reached 100,000 miles.

Is 300 000 miles on a Honda Accord?

Honda Accord Lifespan

Even though the Honda Accord’s average miles are 200,000, they can easily last up to 300,000 miles. If you drive it 13,500 miles a year, for example, you can keep your vehicle for 20 years.

Do Hondas last longer than Toyotas?

The Toyota vehicles also consistently last longer than any Honda. According to statistics based on consumer reports, Toyota is the second most reliable automaker after Mazda, and Corolla is the most reliable model. Honda didn’t even make it to the top 10 for average reliability.

Why do Hondas last so long?

Less Parts To Break– Honda is a simpler car build, which is why they are easier to repair and more mechanics like to work on them. Japanese cars have less parts than American vehicles and German cars and less parts means less breakdowns!

How long does Honda transmission last?

From the reports we’ve received, the average automatic transmission lasts around 150,000 to 200,000 miles. The two main factors that determine how long your transmission will last are: how well you follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance procedures and your driving habits.

What not to do in an automatic car?

5 Things to Avoid When Driving Automatic
  • Avoid Using the Neutral Gear while sliding the vehicle down a slope.
  • Avoid Using Neutral while the car is at a stop light/traffic.
  • Avoid changing gears while the car is moving.
  • Avoid Coasting in Neutral.
  • Avoid doing Launches.

How often should a Honda transmission be flushed?

Though it’s encouraged you check your owner’s manual for transmission maintenance specifications, the industry recommends a transmission flush every two years or 24,000 miles.

How often should transmission fluid be changed Honda?

How Often Should You Change the Transmission Fluid? Since fluids break down over time, it’s important to change your transmission fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

What happens if I don’t replace transmission fluid?

If you don’t replace your transmission fluid, it will break down much like engine oil and lose its lubricating and cleaning properties. This leads to high temperatures, sludge buildup, and excess friction, which can damage the internal clutches that shift the gears.

At what mileage should you not change transmission fluid?

If you drive manual, most manufacturers will recommend changing your transmission fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. If you have automatic, you can typically boost that range up to 60,000 to 100,000 miles. There’s no harm in changing your fluid early.

How often do you change brake fluid in a Honda?

Typically, under normal circumstances without any issues, your brake fluid will last between 4 to 5 years. However, consider having your brake fluid inspected at each oil change interval. Not getting a brake fluid exchange when it is necessary can result in further damage to your braking system.

How much should I pay for brake fluid change?

In general brake fluid ranges in price from $6 to $39 per quart, mechanics charge $150-$210 per hour, and changing the brake fluid in most vehicles will cost you an average of $100.

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