What size wheels are on a 2021 Honda Civic?

16-18″ diameter, 7-8″ width
2021 Honda Civic / Wheel size

What size tires are on a 2021 Honda Civic Sport?

2021 Honda Civic Sport / Tire size

How much should I pay for a 2021 Honda Civic EX?

The 2021 Honda Civic sedan starts at $21,250, plus a $955 destination charge. The mid-level Civic EX sedan begins at $24,400, while the topline Touring sedan comes in at 28,300. As for the 2021 Honda Civic Hatchback, we have official pricing. The LX starts at $22,000, plus the same destination fee.

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How many miles does a 2021 Honda Civic last?

This gives you about five years of use. Considering that a properly maintained Civic can potentially last 150,000 to 200,000 miles, anything below 80,000 miles is considered good mileage.

Are civics cheap to maintain?

Honda Civic Maintenance Costs. A Honda Civic will cost about $5,245 for maintenance and repairs during its first 10 years of service. This beats the industry average for popular sedan models by $1,851. There is also a 15.57% chance that a Civic will require a major repair during that time.

How much should a 2022 Honda Civic EX cost?

Prices for a new 2022 Honda Civic EX currently range from $26,645 to $27,040. Find new 2022 Honda Civic EX inventory at a TrueCar Certified Dealership near you by entering your zip code and seeing the best matches in your area.

How much does a brand new 2021 Honda Civic cost?

How Much Does the Honda Civic Cost? The 2021 Honda Civic sedan starts at $21,250, while hatchbacks start at $22,250. These prices are slightly above average for a compact car.

How much did you pay for your 2022 Honda Civic EX?

2022 Honda Civic MSRP and Invoice Price
TrimsMSRPInvoice Price
Sport Most Popular$25,045$23,821

1 more row

Is Honda Civic LX or EX more expensive?

Both of these Honda Civic models are priced affordably. However, one difference between the Honda Civic LX and EX is the starting MSRP. The LX starts at $20,800*, while the EX starts at $23,950*. But the starting MSRP isn’t the only consideration when it comes to cost.

How long will a Honda Civic EX last?

It’s not uncommon for a Civic to last upward of 20 years, and you can tack on the miles during that expanse of time. You could get from 200,000 to 300,000 miles with a Honda Civic before it completely breaks down or requires extensive repairs.

What is a Honda Civic EX mean?

The most important difference between the EX and EX-T trims is the engine. This is the division point in the lineup: the 2016 Civic EX gets the base 4-cylinder engine, while the EX-T gets the turbocharged version.

What does ex mean for Honda?

Interior Features

Superior Honda explains that the LX serves as the base for the Honda Accord lineup, while the Accord EX is a step above with extra standard features. Though the overall size, appearance, and interior design are identical in the LX and EX, standard features can vary dramatically between the two models.

Which is better EX or LX?

The LX comes with four speakers offering 160 watts of audio power, while the EX doubles the speakers, with an eight-speaker 180-watt audio system. Honda equips both 2022 Civic Sedans with a modern 7-inch touch screen and an infotainment system with Bluetooth, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay connectivity.

Is a Honda Civic EX fast?

Using its smooth shifting to exhilarate drivers, the 2021 Honda Civic has a top speed of 137 mph. Quick on the jump, this speed is influenced by driver skill and displays the engine power of the 2021 Civic.

Is Honda EX better than LX?

Which 2021 Honda Civic Model is Right for You? The 2021 Honda Civic EX clearly offers more features and better performance than the 2021 Honda Civic LX. That said, for its price-point, the Civic LX trim offers high-value.

What is the nicest Honda model?

Best Honda Cars, Trucks & SUVs
  • 2023 Honda CR‑V. Pros. Roomy interior trimmed with high-quality materials.
  • 2023 Honda Pilot. Pros. Large cargo capacity.
  • 2022 Honda Accord. Pros. A joy to drive.
  • 2023 Honda Civic. Pros. Modern, comfortable interior.
  • 2023 Honda Odyssey. Pros. Seats eight comfortably.
  • 2023 Honda HR‑V. Pros.

Is Honda EX or EXL better?

The EX is the base model that the EX-L is built upon. The EX features Auto-Up/Down Power Windows on the first row while the EX-L extends this capability to the second row. Both models come equipped with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, the EX-L comes with wireless connectivity.

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