What time are BTCC races?

23-24 Apr
Time Activity Championship
13.45 – 14.15 Qualifying Porsche Carrera Cup Great Britain
14.25 Race Michelin Ginetta Junior Championship
15.00 Race F4 British Championship
15.35 – 16.05 Qualifying Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship

How fast are touring cars?

WTCR. Top speed: 260km/h / 161mph approx. The World Touring Car Cup (known as the World Touring Car Championship until 2018) consists of cars that follow TCR regulations.

How long are touring car races?

The touring car series consists of one or more endurance races with time duration of 3-24 hours. Basically, the event starts with a standard body shell but racing equipment like engines, suspension, brakes, wheels, and tires are permitted. Races of touring cars are conducted on road courses and street circuits.

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What is the fastest touring car?

You won’t be surprised to hear that the BMW M3 Touring is set to be a little bit quick. In fact, it’s now officially the quickest estate car ever to lap the Nürburgring, having set a time of 7m 35.060s.

What BHP are BTCC cars?

Engine: 350+bhp 2-litre turbo-charged direct-injection engine with ‘fly by wire’ throttle control. Low cost to develop, build, buy and maintain – either by teams and/or race engine-builders developing their own, or through lease/purchase of the 2022 specification TOCA/M-Sport prepared engine.

What is a race in a touring car?

Touring car racing is a motorsport road racing competition with heavily modified road-going cars. It has both similarities to and significant differences from stock car racing, which is popular in the United States.

How do touring car races work?

Race format

Each race typically consists of between 16 and 25 laps, depending on the length of the circuit. A race may be extended by three laps if three or more laps have been run behind a safety car. The grid for race two is based on the finishing order of race one.

What is considered a touring car?

“Touring car” is a style of open car built in the United States which seats four or more people. The style was popular from the early 1900s to the 1930s. The cars used for touring car racing in various series since the 1960s, are unrelated to these early touring cars, despite sharing the same name.

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What classifies as a touring car?

Definition of touring car

: an automobile suitable for distance driving: such as. a : a vintage automobile with two cross seats, usually four doors, and a folding top : phaeton sense 2. b : a modern usually 2-door sedan as distinguished from a sports car.

Are BTCC cars road legal?

Although BTCC teams use regular road cars, almost every aspect of the car is modified so that it’s ready for racing. As such, they’re very different to the road-worthy versions of the same vehicle, and BTCC cars are not road legal.

Do touring cars have traction control?

DTM promoters ITR have confirmed further details ahead of 2021 when GT regulations will be introduced, allowing driving aids such as ABS and traction control.

Do touring cars have ABS?

All modern road cars now have some form of ABS.

Do all BTCC cars use the same engine?

Since 2011, when BTCC organiser TOCA established the New Generating Touring Car (NGTC) rules, teams have been able to use a race-prepared factory engine or a generic TOCA unit supplied by Swindon Powertrain. All use an Xtrac six-speed sequential gearbox no matter their engine choice.

Why do they add weight to touring cars?

Its sole purpose is to punish a driver for good results. If you win a race, score the most points, lead the championship etc., you carry ballast at the next round to slow you down, so that others can have a chance. It’s essentially a handicap, and is the go-to system for the British Touring Car Championship.

Why do they put ballast in touring cars?

In most racing series, cars have a minimum weight. Often, the actual weight of the car is lower, so ballast is used to bring it up to the minimum. The advantage is that the ballast can be positioned to affect the car’s handling by changing its weight distribution.

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How much does a season in BTCC cost?

A season in a top of the line GT3-car (8 round season) is said to be around 750k €, but you can split it between two drivers Originally Posted by Speed-King: A season in a top of the line GT3-car (8 round season) is said to be around 750k €, but you can split it between two drivers

Is there prize money in BTCC?

The Classic Touring Car Racing Club has announced that it will be bringing back prize money for drivers finishing in first, second and third place at the end of the 2021 season in each of its championships.

What engines do BTCC use?

Teams have the option of running either TOCA’s unbranded NGTC-spec engine or, whether privateer or full manufacturer-backed entries, developing their own powerplant to the regulations, as long as it is from the same ‘family’ as their chosen model of car – all are 350+bhp 2-litre turbo-charged engines.

What does TOCA stand for BTCC?

TOCA, formally trading as BARC (TOCA) Ltd, is an organiser of motorsport events in the United Kingdom. The company organises and administers the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) and the support series to the BTCC, sometimes known as the TOCA Tour or TOCA Package.

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