What tires come on FJ Cruiser?

  • BFG KM3 LT265x70R17 Mud-Terrain T/A KM2. $399.99$326.99.
  • BFG KO2 T/A KO 265x70R17. $299.99$288.99.
  • PRO COMP AT SPORT. $279.99$240.99.
  • FJ Cruiser Factory Size Tire TOYO AT III. $199.99$191.55.
  • Toyo Open Country MT 265x70R17. $309.99$307.99.
  • GENERAL GRABBER A/TX 265x70R17. $299.95$260.99.
  • TERRA GRAPPLER G2 265x70R17.

Which FJ Cruiser year is best?

More than 56,000 examples were purchased in the U.S. alone, according to Carsalesbase. In fact, the 2007 model year was the best for the FJ Cruiser.

Do FJ Cruisers hold their value?

FJ Cruisers Maintain Better Value

When it comes to why FJ Cruisers are so expensive, one of the big factors is that they are retaining value well over time. Some of that is because they have good value overall and because Toyotas tend to maintain value well compared with other vehicles and other brands.

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What are common problems with FJ Cruiser?

Common Toyota FJ Cruiser Problems
  • Drivetrain Problems. Vibration in the drivetrain has been a common issue found in some units of the 2014 FJ Cruiser redesign.
  • Shaky Steering Wheel.
  • Loose Foot Rest Pedal.
  • Faulty Driveshaft.
  • Shuddering Engine.
  • Illuminated Check Engine Light.

What is Toyota FJ stand for?

We get this question a lot! The “J” definitely stands for “Jeep” and the “F” indicates the engine type.

Are FJ Cruisers going up in price?

FJ Cruiser values have been climbing rapidly along with all other Toyota off-roaders. The median sales price for the Trail Teams Edition increased 20 percent in the last year alone. Even base models with high mileage are selling above $20k.

What car holds its value the longest?

The Toyota Tacoma takes the top spot as the vehicle that holds its value the most, with a 21.93% depreciation rate over three years.

Cars that hold their value the most.

Car ModelToyota Tacoma
List Price$28,545
Average Value After 3 Years$22,286
Average Value Lost$6,259

How reliable are FJ Cruisers?

The probability of a repair being a severe or major issue is 14% for the Toyota FJ Cruiser, compared to an average of 13% for midsize SUVs and 12% for all vehicle models. The average total annual cost for unscheduled repairs and maintenance across all model years of a vehicle.

What is so special about FJ Cruiser?

The FJ Cruiser is the definitive SUV

With a powerful 4 litre, V6 engine, it is equipped to take‑on and conquer any terrain, and keep coming back for more.

Is FJ Cruiser good for long trips?

Would a Toyota FJ Cruiser work? The FJ Cruiser might look like a toy but it’s all familiar Toyota off-roader fare underneath, so it’s definitely up for this job. There are, though, some niggles that don’t necessarily align with a dedicated cross-country role, so she shouldn’t count out other possibilities quite yet.

Is an FJ Cruiser a good daily driver?



Absolutely is it checks off a lot of boxes. It checks off four-wheel drive capability it checks offMoreAbsolutely is it checks off a lot of boxes. It checks off four-wheel drive capability it checks off you know you got the height you got the capability of an SUV it can tow like five thousand pounds.

What does the F and J stand for in FJ Cruiser?

The “F” is a reference to that early 50’s engine series type and the “J” refers to the body style of the 1950’s 4 Wheel Drive Land Cruiser vehicle.

Which is better FJ or Jeep?

In terms of raw data, the Wrangler does have a slim advantage over the FJ Cruiser, but the difference isn’t major. However, the combination of the Wrangler’s many minor victories over the FJ Cruiser (even when compared to its contemporary Wrangler competition) puts the Jeep Wrangler firmly on top.

Are FJ Cruisers fast?

With a 260-hp, 4.0-liter V6, the Toyota FJ Cruiser has a top speed of 110 mph. That may seem a bit low for an engine of that size, but due to the larger size and weight and the FJ Cruiser, it’s a pretty powerful number.

Is Toyota FJ Cruiser coming back?

Toyota announced that the FJ Cruiser will be discontinued in December 2022, and will give a final sendoff for the model with its Final Edition which will only come in 1,000 units.

How much is a 2022 Toyota FJ?

Prices for the Toyota FJ Cruiser 2022 start from approx. $42,218 for the FJ1 and $44,885 for the FJ2.

Are FJ Cruisers good on gas?

The manual six-speed FJ Cruiser gets 16 combined mpg, with the automatic five-speed getting a slightly improved 18 combined mpg. If you’re looking for a vehicle that can handle your weekend warrior lifestyle as well as the daily commute, we recommend checking out the Toyota Rav4 or the Kia Sportage.

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