What tires should I get for my Camaro?

What size tires do Chevy Camaros have? With a wide range of stock tire sizes, your Camaro may come with tires ranging from 245/50R18 tires all the way to 275/35R20 tires. And if you want to go wider, you can even go as big as 305/30R19 front tires and 325/30R19 rear tires on your staggered Chevy Camaro.

How much are 2015 Camaro tires?

Chevy Camaro tires cost anywhere from $150 to $500+, depending on the tire type and size that you want on your Camaro. From all-season tires that are perfect for a thrilling commute to competition-spec tires that’ll have you taking first place every time, we’ve got the lowest prices on your Camaro tires.

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What size tires fit a 2015 Camaro?

2015 Chevrolet Camaro SS Front Tire Size: 245/45ZR20 Rear Tire Size: 275/40ZR20
Front Tire Size Front Tire Pressure (PSI) Load Index
245/45ZR20 36 103 1929 lbs.

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What year is the most desirable Camaro?

Consensus throughout the auto industry dubbed the 1969 Camaro as the best of all time. This year, the COPO Camaro was started, designed for top performance.

What year Camaro is the rarest?

The 10 Rarest Chevrolet Camaros Ever Made
  • 5/10 1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 – 69 Units.
  • 4/10 2012 Chevrolet COPO Camaro Race Car – 69 Units.
  • 3/10 1967 Chevrolet Camaro – 49 Units.
  • 2/10 1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 ‘Hurst Sunshine Special’ – 3 Units.
  • 1/10 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Convertible – 1 Unit.

What size rims are on a 2015 Camaro?

Front 18-20″ diameter, 7.5-11″ width; rear 18-20″ diameter, 7.5-11.5″ width
2015 Chevrolet Camaro / Wheel size

How can I make my 2015 V6 Camaro faster?

You can make your Chevrolet Camaro V6 faster than a V8 by making these aftermarket modifications: Increase the amount of air flowing into the engine. You can increase the air by replacing the factory cold air intake with a performance aftermarket cold air intake or adding a forced air induction kit to your V6 engine.

What size rims fit on a Camaro?

Most Chevy Camaros come stock with 18” or 20” rims, depending on the year model and trim level of your Chevy.

How many miles can a 2015 Camaro go?

Compare Side-by-Side
2015 Chevrolet Camaro
EPA Fuel Economy Regular Gasoline
20 MPG 17 27 combined city/highway city highway
5.0 gal/100mi
380 miles Total Range

Do Camaros hold their value?

According to a report by iSeeCars, the Chevy Camaro posted better five-year depreciation numbers than the national average. Falling 20 percent to lose just under $8,000 in value, Chevy’s pony car outperforms the 33-percent industry average drop, which equates to $14,000 lost.

What year Camaro is the fastest?

Let’s start with the fastest production in Camaro history- the 5th generation Camaro. This Chevrolet classic made its debut in 2010 and over the years, more than five different variants of this car have been created. They must’ve done something right! The next Camaro is the 2017 Camaro ZL1.

What is the slowest Camaro type?

Junked 1983 Chevrolet Camaro. Even with its miserable powertrain, this car avoided The Crusher for more than 30 years. This engine had the lowest claimed horsepower rating of anything ever installed by the factory in a Camaro.

Who is faster Camaro or Mustang?

Chevrolet is on record saying the Camaro can go zero to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds. Not bad at all. But the fastest 2020 Mustang leaves the Camaro in dust with a blistering pace of zero to 60 in just 3.3 seconds.

Is Chevrolet Camaro a supercar?

The Gen3 Camaro ZL1 supercar is the result of a collaboration between GM, Supercars, and Triple Eight Race Engineering, with the GM Design team in Detroit responsible for the racer’s design.

Should I daily drive a Camaro?

The Camaro’s ride quality is a big plus in this muscle car being an acceptable daily driver, but the poor visibility remains a major sticking point. The different generations and trims come with varying degrees of suitability for everyday use.

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