What tires should I put on a Tesla Model 3?

For a Tesla Model 3, consider premium all-season tires like the Michelin Primacy MXM4, Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus, Continental ExtremeContact DWS06, Yokohama Advan Sport A/S Plus, or Toyo Proxes Sport A/S.

Does Tesla Model 3 need special tires?

While you certainly can fit normal tyres on a Tesla, provided they fit, you probably shouldn’t. Remember, Tesla cars are high-performance machines and require a higher quality tyre than traditional ones.

What kind of tires come on a 2022 Tesla Model 3 long range?

Its OE tire sizes include 235/45R18 tires, 235/40R19 tires, 235/35R20 tires and 245/35R20 tires.

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What tire brand does Tesla use?

Michelin tyres are fitted to more than 50% of Tesla cars and have ensured their tyres benefit from specialist technology to enhance the drive of Tesla vehicles. Michelin T0 tyres have “Acoustic Technology” designed to lessen vibrations caused by the road surface, reducing internal vehicle noise by approximately 20%.

Why do Tesla tires wear out so fast?

EVs are also far heavier than their gas counterparts. Batteries don’t have the energy density, or the wattage per pound of gasoline. So they necessarily weigh more. This extra weight increases friction on the tires, which wears them out more quickly.

Does Model 3 long range come with all season tires?

My Tesla Model 3 is long range, all wheel drive with the 19″ wheel option, and came with Continental ProContact RX all-season tires. The stock wheels are 18″ with aero hubcaps. 19″ sport wheels are an option, which I got. And the Performance version of the car comes with 20″ wheels.

What is standard on Tesla Model 3 long range?

The Model 3 LONG RANGE AWD comes standard with 235/40 R19 front tyres and 235/40 R19 rear tyres. It requires a service every 12 months or 20,000 km, whichever comes first. It has a 48 month, 160km warranty. The Model 3 has received a 5 star rating from ANCAP.

Does Tesla Model 3 come with run flat tires?

Dealing with flat tyres

Your Tesla will not come with a spare tire/tyre, nor does it come with run flat tires/tyres, so if you get a puncture you are potentially stuck.

Are Tesla 3 tires good in snow?

Tesla’s dual-motor all-wheel-drive electric vehicles tend to fare quite well in various weather conditions, and we’ve seen them impress in light snow, heavy snow, and even blizzard conditions. Oftentimes, these cars are shown to perform better than expected wearing all-season tires.

How long will Tesla Model 3 tires last?

It is recommended that tires are replaced every six years, or sooner if required, even if tread depth is above the minimum. When a tire set becomes worn, replace all four tires at the same time.

What happens if your Tesla gets a flat tire?

Roadside Assistance is available to you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for the duration of your warranty period. If your tire is damaged and your vehicle becomes inoperable, you can request roadside assistance immediately from the bottom of the Tesla app home screen.

Can you put cheap tires on a Tesla?

Sure, you can put any type of tire you want on a Tesla, as long as they fit. But there’s a pretty long list of reasons why you shouldn’t. Tesla tires are of much better quality than traditional tires, which means their ability to perform on the road is also better.

How much are Tesla Model 3 tires?

Tesla Model 3 tires can range in cost from $100 to $400+, depending on the size and type of tire you want on your Model 3. Whether you’re after Track Mode-level power or range-extending eco-friendly design, we guarantee the lowest prices on all our Model 3 tires. Plus, we’ve always got great ways to save.

How much is a Tesla tire?

How much are Tesla Model Y tires? Tesla Model Y tires typically range in cost from $195 to $450+, depending on the type and size of tire you’ve got on your Model Y. If you’re running the stock 19-inch tires on your Model Y Long Range, you’ll find that your Model Y tires are on the cheaper side of that range.

How many miles do Tesla tires last?

Practically, Tesla tires last 20K – 40K miles. So, if you drive 10K miles a year, you’ll need a new set of tires in three years. Tesla recommends rotating your car’s tires every 6,250 miles.

Why do Tesla tires have foam in them?

Thus, sound insulating tires started getting more popular. Continental’s ContiSilent tires, which are used in some of Tesla’s electric cars, for one, features insulation that reduces cabin noise by up to 9 dB(A), depending on the type of vehicle and road surface.

Do you have to buy Tesla tires from Tesla?

You don’t “NEED” specific tires for a Tesla and there’s a wide range of tires that will fit on a Tesla. However, there is a specific type of tire that is well suited for Tesla cars and it has foam inside to reduce the road noise. Was this worth your time?

Can I rotate my Tesla tires at Costco?

Regardless of whether you drive a Tesla Model 3, Model S, Model X or Model Y, you can have its tires changed at Costco when it’s time for a replacement.

What PSI should Tesla tires be?

Tesla recommends a tire pressure between 40-45 PSI. Depending on the model and vehicle configuration, this is typically the minimum amount of air pressure needed to support your vehicle at its maximum load. In a potential update, users could be sent a notification if their tires are over or under-inflated.

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