What transfer case does my Ram 1500 have?

Ram started using the BorgWarner 48-11 and 48-12 transfer cases in 2019 and newer Ram 1500 4WD models. 2019 onward Ram 1500 Classic models still use the BW44 transfer case.

What type of fluid does a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 4×4 transfer case take?

Ravenol ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid +4 1L

Fits 2002-2011 Ram 1500 4WD models with NV24 transfer case.

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What are the symptoms of low transfer case fluid?

Strange Grinding, Growling or Humming Noises

If you hear grinding, growling, or humming noises that change with your vehicle speed, it may be coming from the transfer case. This could indicate a low fluid level or some mechanical problem such as bad bearings, loose chains or damaged gears.

Can I put ATF in my transfer case?

Transfer cases may be filled with gear oil, automatic transmission fluid (ATF), or specialty lubricants. It is important to regularly inspect the transfer case for any damage, leaks, or other concerns.

What’s the best fluid for a transfer case?

It’s specifically recommended for use in the following applications: Ford XL-12; GM Auto Trak II; or ATF fluids (Dex/Merc, ATF +4 and others). For the many miles ahead, trust your transfer case with Valvoline, the #1 automatic transmission fluid brand.

What kind of fluid does a 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 transfer case take?

When refilling your transfer case, be sure to use ATF that is Dexron II, Dexron III, or Dexron IV. I believe the actual recommended spec is to use Dexron III. Another thing to note is that some guys like to use a full synthetic of 75W-90 gear oil.

What type of fluid does a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 transfer case take?

Ravenol ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid +4 1L

Fits 2012 Ram 1500 4WD models with NV241, NV243, NV244, NV271, NV273 transfer case.

How much fluid does a Dodge transfer case hold?

2019 – 2022 Ram 1500 transfer case fluid fill capacity is 1.3 liters (1.8 quarts) for BorgWarner 48-11 or 48-12 transfer case. 2021 – 2022 Ram 1500 TRX transfer case fluid fill capacity is 1.8 liters (1.9 quarts) for BorgWarner 48-13 transfer case.

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Is it good to change transfer case fluid?

If the fluid runs low or becomes contaminated, it can lead to failure of the differential. To avoid this issue, it is recommended that the transfer case fluid be changed periodically, normally every 30,000 miles, especially in vehicles that tow or use four-wheel drive often.

How often should you change transfer case fluid?

You should have your differential and transfer case fluid checked every 30,000 miles, or when you experience any of the symptoms below. Changing these fluids is a messy job, but your local Brakes Plus team is here to help – we never mind getting our hands dirty!

What does a 4 to 1 transfer case mean?

By shifting into low range, you are changing from the 1:1 ratio to a much lower (numerically higher) 4:1. This means for every four times the transmission output shaft spins, the transfer case output spins only once.

Does a transfer case do anything in 2WD?

What Is A Transfer Case? The transfer case is located between the transmission and front and rear differentials via the driveshafts, creating a two-wheel drive (2WD) or four-wheel drive vehicle. On a four-wheel or all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicle, it directs power to two or four wheels.

How do I know if I have a 1 or 2 speed transfer case?

Does your 4WD transfer case have a high gear and low gear setting? If so, that would indicate you have a 2 speed transfer case. If there’s no indication it has a high or low speed then it’s a single speed transfer case.

Can you drive a 4×4 without the transfer case?

If you are driving a 4WD vehicle then all the power is sent to the drive shafts to the differentials through the transfer case. Without a transfer case, you will not be able to drive the vehicle since the power is split 50/50 to the front and rear drive shafts and in 4WD or 4H mode.

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Do both front wheels spin in 4WD?

A 4WD vehicle that has two locking differentials provides true 4WD — all four wheels turn with the same amount of power no matter the situation. Even if the wheels on one side of your vehicle are completely off the ground, the wheels that are still on the ground will still continue to get a steady amount of torque.

What happens when your transfer case goes out?

Vehicle Switching In And Out Of 4-Wheel Drive When your transfer case goes bad, your car might jump in and out of 4-wheel drive on its own. This indicates an inability to stay in a drive mode which can damage the transfer case, other systems on the vehicle, or cause an unsafe driving situation.

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