Who is WiseDriving underwritten by?

Our panel of Insurers are as follows: Action 365 Ltd Trading as Pukka Services. Ageas Insurance Limited. Aviva Insurance.

What is Admiral little box like?

LittleBox is a small unit – roughly the size of your palm – which is fitted behind the car’s dashboard, so you can’t see it and your passengers won’t know you have it unless you tell them. It monitors how you drive, looking at things like your speed, braking and miles covered.

How strict is wise driving black box?

If you exceed the speed limit by more than 30%, our system will register this as an Extreme Speeding Event, and you’ll be notified of this by email. We reserve the right to cancel your policy in the event of one or more Extreme Speeding Events.

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Who is WiseDriving underwritten by? – Related Questions

Can you drive after 10pm with a black box?

Night-time curfews and penalties

There are no night-time driving restrictions so you’re able to drive where you like when you like.

Do wise drivers have curfew?

We don’t have a curfew for night-time driving, however your score will be lowered if you regularly drive between 11pm and 5am. We are passionate about safe driving and want to reward you if you show safe driving behaviour.

What happens if you go over speed limit with black box?

Your black box considers a whole host of factors, including your acceleration, braking, and turning. A small lapse into speeding is unlikely to affect its overhaul assessment of your driving performance. At the most, you’ll earn a warning from your insurer, encouraging you to pay more attention to posted speed limits.

Is having a black box worth it?

While it’s very dependent on driver and vehicle, black box insurance is, in most cases, cheaper. If you’re a first-time driver or have only held a licence for a couple of years, you’re likely to benefit most — with premiums potentially half the cost than without a telematics device.

Can you drive past 11pm with a black box?

Insurers recognise that although night-time hours are the riskiest for driving due to the darkness and driver fatigue, sometimes driving late at night is necessary. Very few black box insurers will set an official curfew and hand down fines if you break it.

Does my policy black box have a curfew?

Your telematics car insurance does not contain any specific restrictions concerning curfews unlike other telematics policies which typically place restrictions on where or when a vehicle can be driven, however your Telematics Smart Box data will provide live information of all journeys including those times when

What are the limitations of a black box?

The cons of black box insurance:
  • Bad driving will increase the cost. If you have bad driving habits and don’t use your black box to correct them, you can end up paying more for your insurance premium.
  • As mentioned, some car insurance providers may have driving time restrictions.
  • Journey restrictions.
  • Additional charges.

How do you do the black box trick?

But there’s no way to “trick” a telematics device that doesn’t invalidate your insurance. It’s also insurance fraud, which is a crime. If you unplug the black box, it will stop sending data to your insurer, alerting them almost instantly that it’s not working as intended.

Does a black box know your location?

How does a Black Box track your car? Your black box uses GPS to find the location of your vehicle – this is usually used to check what roads you have been using and the time of day you have been driving, which can affect your driving score.

Can you get a black box removed?

Of course, if you want the black box removed, you can speak to the provider and they’ll arrange for an engineer to come out and remove it. But removal isn’t usually covered by your insurance policy, so you’ll likely face an extra fee.

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Can I sell a car with a black box?

If I sell my car, will I need to remove the black box? No you won’t. You’ll be pleased to hear that there is no legal requirement to remove a telematics device before selling (or scrapping) your car.

What happens if you unplug a black box?

If you unplug the device or interfere with it in any other way, your insurer may revoke any discount on your premiums that you have earned through the black box – you can’t trick a black box. They may also cancel your policy and could refuse to pay out on claims made about the period in which the device was unplugged.

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