Who makes the best heavy duty truck tire?

The Top 8 Commercial Truck Tires
  • Michelin. One of the leading brands for many years, Michelin is renowned for the quality of their commercial truck tires.
  • Goodyear.
  • Yokohama.
  • BF Goodrich.
  • Cooper Roadmaster.
  • Dunlop.
  • Kelly Tires.
  • Uniroyal.

What tires come on Ram 2500?

The RAM 2500 typically comes stock with either Firestone Transforce AT tires or Firestone Transforce HT tires. The RAM 2500 also has a range of OE tire sizes, including 245/70R17 tires, 275/70R18 tires and 285/60R20 tires, AKA 32-inch tires, 33-inch tires and 34-inch tires.

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Can you put LT tires on a 3 4 ton truck?

Vehicles like ¾ ton or larger pickup trucks, work vans and trucks, and other large vehicles that regularly carry heavy loads or pull heavy trailers will need Light Truck (LT) tires.

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Do you have to run 10-ply tires on a 3 4 ton truck?

Understanding the tire ply rating system helps you understand how your tires support the weight of your vehicle (called load range or load index). If you drive a ¾ ton, one ton or even larger pickup or SUV (or haul a trailer) then you require 10-ply tires.

What load range tire does a 2500 need?

If the trailer’s GVWR is 2,500 pounds you’ll be fine with a Load Range D or E tire. A 205/65-10 tire with Load Range D like # AM1HP54 is rated up to 1,330 pounds at 70 psi and the E tire like # AM1HP56 is rated up to 1,650 pounds at 90 psi.

Can I use LT tires on my truck?

Light truck (LT) and passenger (P) tires are not interchangeable. Each type differs in its design, construction and intended applications. The automotive manufacturer took all of this into consideration when it specified the original equipment (OE) tires that came with your vehicle.

Can I put LT tires on my truck?

If your truck or SUV is ¾ or 1 ton capacity then it likely came from the factory with LT type tires. OE LT tires should never be replaced with passenger type tires, they do not have enough load capacity and are not designed to have the same load handling characteristics that your vehicle was intended for.

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Do LT tires increase payload?

It’s important to note that LT tires do not increase the overall load capacity of your vehicle. The vehicle itself has a load capacity that should not be exceeded.

Is it OK to use LT tires on a trailer?

LT tires are intended for vehicles that generate stress with heavy loads—pickups, commercial vans, and heavier SUVs. Their stability makes them ideal for mounting on a tow vehicle. Over the last couple of years, some camper trailer makers, including high-end manufacturer Airstream, have offered LT tires as an option.

Why are truck tires not allowed on trailers?

The dangers. When a car or truck tire is used on a trailer, it causes stress that the tire wasn’t designed to handle. The tread of the tire begins wearing differently than it was designed. The tire’s actual weight capacity is different from the load rating shown because of the different frame designs.

Do LT tires ride rough?

LT-metric tires are used for rougher driving conditions. You’ll find these tires on SUVs, pickups, and vans that tend to haul a heavier load and travel in more off-road conditions. P-metric tires offer a quieter, smoother, and more comfortable ride.

Why do LT tires need more air?

Size-for-size, compared to P-metric tires, LT tires require higher air pressures to carry equivalent loads. Failure to adjust air pressures to achieve the vehicle’s load requirement will result in tire fatigue and eventual tire failure due to excessive heat build-up.

Is it better to over inflate or Underinflate tires?

If your car is underinflated, then it is going to feel sluggish. Underinflation will also lower the fuel economy of your car and shorten the lifespan of a tire. Overinflating a tire will also shorten its lifespan. The car will also handle more poorly because less of the tire is in contact with the road.

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Should you fully inflate tires to max PSI?

What happens if you inflate your tires to the max PSI? Your tires’ max PSI almost always exceeds the recommended pressure. It isn’t advisable to fill your tire to this pressure for everyday driving. At max PSI, your car does not handle as well, braking is impaired, and you could risk dangerous blowouts.

Is 40 PSI too high for tires?

Specifically, the level of 40 psi can be suitable for passenger cars or sports cars. But this is too high for small cars with a recommendation below 35 psi, while 40 psi is too low for large trucks. The recommended level for the tires of famous sports cars and passenger cars is between 32 -40 psi.

What is the 4 PSI rule?

Let’s look at how to apply the 4psi rule: Use the recommended pressure on your tyre placard as a start point, drive for approximately one hour, stop and check the pressure. If it’s gone up by 4psi then your pressures are spot on.

Should you increase tire pressure when towing?

Roger Marble of RV Tire Safety recommends additional 10% PSI for Class A vehicles and other tow vehicles. Look for item “A” (Total Front Axle Weight) on your Weight Safety Report.

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