How Can You Tell if a Used Car Has Been Well Maintained?

If you are looking to buy a used car, you want to make sure that it was well taken care of. A used car can last a very long time if it was properly maintained, however a car that was not maintained has the chance of breaking down a week after you purchase it. Purchasing a used car can help you save a lot of money and can be a great way to get a more luxurious car for half the price. To make sure you are getting a great deal, here are some tips to help you tell if the used car you want to buy has been well maintained.

How Can You Tell if a Used Car Has Been Well Maintained

Check Maintenance Records

The best way to tell if your potential used car has been well maintained is to look at the maintenance records. Routine maintenance, like oil changes, tune ups, and tire rotations can significantly improve the life span of your car. While this information is not always made available to you, you can always ask to see the records, if the dealership or owner has them.

Another great way to tell if the car has had regular oil changes is to look at the inside of the front windshield. Try to see if they owner has a sticker for when the last oil change was. This will give you an idea if they are past due. Look at their mileage to determine if they just got an oil change or if they are in desperate need for one.

Inspect Transmission Fluids

Another great way to determine if a used car has been well maintained is to inspect the transmission fluids. These fluids are often changed less than the oil, but those who take good care of their car will also take good care of their transmission fluids. These fluids should all be full or near full. They should not have any foul odors or look dirty. Carefully inspect these fluids or bring a friend that knows about cars to help you look at these crucial fluids.

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Look At Previous Owners Records

Another important thing to look at is the previous owners list. A car that has only had one owner is likely a good indication that the car was well taken care of. If the car has multiple owners or has a short history with each owner could indicate a problem. Many people will keep a car for a long time if they are satisfied with the car. If the car has had more than three owners it could be a red flag and it would likely not be the ideal car for you.


While everyone wants a low mileage car, this is not the only thing to consider. Getting a car with low miles is a bonus, but the most important factor to consider is the average mileage per year driven. For example, a car that is five years old that has 40,000 miles on it may be better than a car that is three years old and has 35,000 miles on it. Typically, cars should average about 10,000 miles per year. If you find a car that averages more than 15,000 miles per year it has likely been driven too much and too far. Avoid purchasing a car with a high overall mileage and a high average mileage per year history.

Tire Tread

Another important factor that can determine if a car has been well maintained is to look at the tire tread. If the tire tread or low or the tires look bald, it could be a red flag. This could indicate that the previous owner did not take good car of their car or fix things when they needed to be fixed. If the tire tread is high, it is a good indication that the owner took good care of their car and replaced things as needed.

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Tires are also one of the most expensive parts of the car. If you can purchase a car that has good tire tread, you will not need to get new tires for a few years. This can save you money in the long run and help ensure that you are making a smart decision.

Accident History

One of the most crucial factors to consider before buying a used car is the car’s accident history. All car’s accident histories can be looked up. It is always best to find a car that has never been in an accident. The more accidents a car has, the more likely it is that the car was not well maintained and that the driver did not care about their car like they should have.

If the car has been in accidents, it also means that the car could have underlying issues that you may not know about fully. Some accidents can cause parts of the car to bend. These issues can take months or even a year to fully present themselves. For instance, a bent pipe may not break right away after an accident, but it could break a few months later after it has had enough pressure put onto it. Also, when looking at accident reports you should never buy a car that was recently in an accident. A car that was in an accident a month before you want to buy it is more risky than buying a car that was in an accident two years ago.

If you are in the market for a new used car, these are all important factors that people need to consider. These factors can help you determine if the car you want to buy has been well maintained. A well maintained car will last much longer than a car that was not well maintained. Therefore, if you are able to buy a well maintained car you will have more peace of mind knowing that you are making a smart financial decision. While these are not full proof signs of a well maintained car, they are a good place to start.

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