How is The 2016 Brabus Mercedes-AMG C63

Recently we talked about Alpina and its opulent B6, based on the high-performance sedan from BMW, the M6. Now, it’s the turn for another partner company who loves to improve already-astonishing German vehicles: Brabus.

2016 Brabus Mercedes-AMG C63

The C63 was already an amazing AMG creation, so there is nothing to be upset about, at least in performance terms. With Brabus intervention on the matter, complaints are hard to imagine. This company is well-known for adding attitude to many Mercedes models over the years.

Sport-focused changes are abundant, going from a heavier use of carbon-fiber to mechanical upgrades that has a deep impact on the total power output. Also, notice that Brabus cares about comfort and luxury. You will not forget that you are driving a top-notch Mercedes. That’s quite clear already.

Let’s take a further look at the features.

Powertrain and Specs

The 2016 Brabus C63 packs a 4.0 L V8, original from the base C63. The whole novelty is that the tuner company make several important upgrades to it, pushing its boundaries. Additions are plenty, going from turbochargers with large compressions to a retuned ECU. The base model enjoys up to 510 horsepower while the Brabus product reaches 650 horsepower. In terms of peak torque, the original C63 generates 516 lb-ft in comparison with the 604 lb-ft of maximum torque produced by the Brabus model.

Along with the enhanced powerplant, we found a 7-speed automatic transmission. Thanks to the tuner’s modification, the C63 can go now from zero to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds. The top speed will be electronically limited to 186 mph (300 km/h) or 200 mph (320 km/h), according to the setup selected by the customer.

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A fancy feature onboard is the Coming Home mode. You see, the performance exhaust of the Brabus C63 roars with fury, never forgetting that, in the gut, it is still a classy Mercedes. Well, this interesting mode adds electronically-controlled butterfly valves, which work in order to let the neighbors rest during the nights. In terms of handling and agility on the track, Brabus added height-adjustable Bilstein coil overs, proven to be ready for speed sessions and cornering.

Design and Looks

The 2016 Brabus C63 features a heavy use of carbon-fiber in the exterior. Side mirrors, air intakes’ surrounds, and front fender vents enjoy of this material. The front spoiler has a big role in aerodynamic issues, being more than a simple visual attractive. The same for the carbon-fiber diffuser installed in the rear end.

While we know only a set of wheel, the 20-inch Brabus rims, there is a promise of knowing two more during the 2016 Geneva Auto Show debut. These about-to-debut wheels will be the Monoblock T and the Monoblock F, both used by Brabus in the past. Wrapping the rims, users will be able to choose between several brands of tires; Pirelli, Yokohama, and Continental.

The interior of the 2016 Brabus C63 reveals his attitude. Black Alcantara leather with anti-slip feature will be wrapping almost everything inside the cabin, playing around with yellow leather trim detailing on several elements. The seats, door panels, steering wheel, and the floor will enjoy this interesting detailing work on bright yellow. Again, carbon-fiber is found. The instrument cluster, console, dashboard, and door panels feature detailing in this lightweight material with two purposes, cutting weight and delivering a striking feeling of sportiness.

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The Bottom Line

The 2016 Brabus B63 comes as another advanced debut of the upcoming Geneva Auto Show. We suspect that there are still important details about its performance we don’t know yet. Maybe Brabus is keeping interesting facts for the big show.

Pricing is about to be announced next month.

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