The Mercedes-Benz Concept A Sedan

Mercedes-Benz’ actual line-up of compact vehicles is likely to be replaced very soon. After years of abundant successes, at least in terms of sales, the German carmaker seems to be showing up what its line-up could look like in the near future.

The Mercedes-Benz Concept A Sedan

The Concept A Sedan, presented during the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show, is a strong proof of that. Despite being a concept vehicle, it seems real enough, even for our current era. This new compact sticks with the modern Benz standards in design and luxury but taking the bar higher without becoming unrealistic.

In case the Concept A Sedan becomes a reality, it would be present in entry-level segments, fulfilling the demands of a young audience. This means sporty features and affordable prices, at least for a Benz. Now, let’s take a look of what exactly Mercedes-Benz unveiled this time.

Refreshing the A-Class

As the name suggest it, the Concept A Sedan would fall directly into the A-class, one that has enjoyed outstanding popularity all these years. There are little details about the mechanical aspect but experts suggest that the long front overhang and proximity of the wheel arch to the front doors may say something.

The Concept A Sedan would probably maintain transverse-engine layouts, which are present today in the class. This would probably include both front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive setups. Being 2.3 inches shorter than the CLA, there will little space to fit brawny powerplants. Nevertheless, the A-class was born to be powered by small, highly-efficient engines.

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Aggressive Ends

It’s impossible to ignore how aggressive this compact is, despite being a Mercedes-Benz model and not an AMG one. The shark-like front fascia and the sporty sedan lines from one end to the other are quite satisfying.

The Panamericana grille and full-width lower air intake with dark chrome treatment are present, features that were almost exclusive to AMG-branded beasts. Also at the front end, we have a sexy contoured hood. On top, a panoramic glass roof catches our attention and makes us think about its viability on an entry-level A-class sedan.

The Concept A Sedan also delivers groundbreaking LED lamps both in the head and tail. The diffuser-inspired rear bumper integrates sporty exhaust outlets that we wish to see on a production compact very soon.

The Future of the Concept A Sedan

This is a model that makes us think a lot. First, is Mercedes-Benz taking a more aggressive strategy for its non-AMG models? Will this exciting design pattern take over the different entry classes of the German brand? How would an AMG model look like then?

The Shanghai Auto Show is always a good place to innovate and Mercedes-Benz did just that. While this remains as a concept vehicle, the company insists that it features a lot of future realities, things that we’ll see for sure on the upcoming revamped A-class.

Another thing to have in mind about the Concept A Sedan’s aggressive stance is the influence that AMG designers could have during the development process. We expect to know more about this model’s future in the next months as the German carmaker wants to update its commercial line-up.

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