How long will a 2004 RAV4 last?

Experts tend to agree that you can put upwards of 200,000 to 250,000 miles on a Toyota RAV4 if it has been properly cared for.

Can you put bigger tires on a RAV4?

The biggest tires you can put in your Rav4 with out a lift kit are 235/65 R18.

What is the life expectancy of a Toyota RAV4?

The Toyota Rav4 is a leading SUV when it comes to longevity, clocking in at between 200,000 miles and 250,000 miles on average, with higher numbers for owners who take good care of their Rav4.

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What year RAV4 has transmission problems?

This TOYOTA RAV4 Transmission problem is a very common fault for vehicles built between 2000 and 2006 with the 2.0 litre 1AZ-FE engine and transaxle Automatic transmission. All 2nd generation (XA20) Toyota RAV4’s will suffer from this issue of harsh gear change and gears ‘snatching’ into place.

What are the most common problems with Toyota RAV4?

Most Common Toyota RAV4 Problems
  • Evaporative System Issue. One of the most common Toyota RAV4 problems is a faulty evaporative system (EVAP) vapor canister.
  • Catalytic Converter Software Issue.
  • Oxygen Sensor Failure.
  • Transmission Issues.
  • Interior Problems.

What is considered high mileage for a Toyota RAV4?

The Toyota RAV4 should last more than 200,000 miles

This SUV is one you can count on to last, assuming you keep up with proper maintenance. If your RAV4 passes 250,000 miles, you’ll likely need to begin replacing major parts, like the engine or the transmission.

What is a good mileage for a used RAV4?

The Toyota RAV4 Can Reach 200,000 to 250,000 Miles If Maintained Regularly. Reputable automobile websites suggest that a Toyota RAV4 can effortlessly reach 200,000 to 250,000 miles on the odometer without needing expensive overhauls.

Which car lasts the longest mileage?

Among the models with the greatest potential lifespan, Toyota Sequoia topped the list, with the ability to travel nearly 300,000 miles, followed by the Land Cruiser, according to a recent iSeeCars study, which analyzed more than 2 million cars over the past 20 years to see which vehicles could last the longest.

What is the best SUV for longevity?

Here are five of the longest-lasting SUVs that give you the best chance of driving for 200,000 miles or more.
  • Toyota Land Cruiser. 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser | Toyota.
  • Toyota Sequoia. 2022 Toyota Sequoia | Toyota.
  • Chevrolet Suburban. Summit White 2022 Chevy Suburban | Chevrolet.
  • GMC Yukon XL.
  • Toyota 4Runner.

Which SUV will last 300 000 miles?

So they are still going.” Toyota Sequoia can hit almost 300,000 miles. The Toyota Sequoia topped the chart with 296,509 miles of what the study calls, “potential lifespan.” The Toyota Land Cruiser was second at 280,236 miles, and the Chevrolet Suburban podiumed at 265,732 miles of potential.

What is the best 2nd hand SUV to buy?

10 Best Used SUV Deals in January 2023
  • 2017-2022 Toyota RAV4.
  • 2018-2023 Subaru Outback.
  • 2018-2022 GMC Terrain.
  • 2018-2022 Chevrolet Equinox.
  • 2019-2022 Lincoln Nautilus.
  • 2018-2023 Mazda CX-9.
  • 2017-2022 Acura RDX. Current offer: 3.99% APR financing.
  • 2017-2022 Honda CR-V. Current offer: 3.49% APR financing.

Which SUV loses its value fastest?

Midsize SUVs
Top 5 Lowest- and Highest-Depreciating Midsize SUVs – iSeeCars Study
1Jeep Wrangler Unlimited52.8%
2Toyota 4Runner52.6%

Does a Toyota Rav4 hold its value?

Has the 2021 Toyota RAV4 evolved? Absolutely, and it’s holding its value better than ever.

What is the #1 selling vehicle in America?

Ford F-150

Ford’s F-Series has been the top-selling vehicle in the United States since 1981. Once more, the ever-popular pickup truck is the best-selling vehicle in America in 2021. It overcame competition from the Chevrolet Silverado, Ram Pickup and GMC Sierra.

What car make breaks down the most?

1. Chrysler. Chrysler vehicles are some of the most unreliable on the market. They’ve been ranked as the least reliable car brand for three years in a row by Consumer Reports.

At what age do cars start having problems?

Be Cautious With Anything Older Than 12-15 Years Or 150,000 Miles. Now that we have the variables out of the way, it’s time to dive deeper into what “problems” your car can run into as it ages and accumulates miles.

What is the unbreakable car?

One car that seems to survive in environments no car could normally last is the boxy Fiat Panda from the 1980s. Designed in the late 70s before being unveiled at the 1980 Geneva Motorshow, the MK1 Fiat Panda was supposedly conceived with the sole purpose of carrying four passengers and two 50-liter wine demijohns.

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