What is the difference in blue DEF and BlueDEF Platinum?

As far as what the fluid is used for, which is the actual DEF, there is no difference. The difference is in the proprietary ingredients that was put into Platinum that they say keeps the DEF from crystalizing in the exhaust over time.

What makes BlueDEF Platinum better?

Through continual use, BlueDEF PLATINUM with Advance SYSTEM SHIELD™ Technology reduces future deposits that build up in your diesel exhaust system. These deposits create back pressure which can increase fuel consumption and reduce engine power.

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How long does BlueDEF Platinum last?

Because it doesn’t include any preservatives, DEF does come with a shelf life. The good news is, it’s a fairly long shelf life; DEF can usually be stored up to one year without any issues.

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Why is BlueDEF Platinum?

BlueDEF Platinum is a mixture of high-purity synthetic urea, deionized water, and a proprietary formulation featuring the companies new Advanced System Shield Technology, which significantly reduces harmful deposits that commonly build up in modern diesel exhaust systems with SCR.

Should I keep my DEF tank full?

If the DEF tank contains less than 5% of its capacity, the equipment engine power will de-rate. Enough power will be available, however, to travel a short distance, so that you can add more fluid to the tank. The DEF tank needs to be filled once for every 3 to 4 times that you refuel with diesel fuel.

How many miles does BlueDEF last?

Most DEF tanks require one gallon of DEF for every 50 gallons of diesel fuel, and one gallon will generally last between 300 to 500 miles.

How often do you need to add BlueDEF?

DEF is consumed at a rate of about 2-3% relative to the amount of fuel you are using. This means between 1.2 and 2.0 gallons of DEF will be required for a vehicle with a 65-gallon gas tank. If you have a five-gallon DEF tank, DEF should be replaced every third or fourth time you fill up.

How long does DEF exhaust fluid last?

The American Petroleum Institute recommends that you determine when DEF was put in the vehicle. The storage life of DEF is about 12 months in optimal conditions. If DEF has been stored in the vehicle over the past 12 months, it is recommended that it be drained and replaced.

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How do I know when my BlueDEF expires?

Expiration Dates

DEF is generally packaged in 1-gallon or 2.5-gallon jugs, 55-gallon drums, 275- or 330-gallon totes, and large diesel exhaust fluid storage tanks. Each package is stamped or marked with a date code indicating the date the DEF was made.

How long can BlueDEF be stored?

Be sure to carefully inspect caps on storage tanks to make sure they are free of dust dirt, debris or water before removing to introduce DEF into a tank onboard a truck or piece of equipment. The shelf life of DEF is two years if the fluid temperature remains between 12°F (-10°C) and 86°F (30°C).

Why is there a shortage of DEF fluid?

Continued logistics challenges, rising prices, and global unrest are some factors that can severely hamper DEF supply in a region causing the possible diesel exhaust fluid shortage.

Does DEF go bad after opening?

Like many petroleum products, DEF has a shelf life. DEF can usually be stored for a year without contamination.

Does running out of DEF fluid hurt your engine?

All told, DEF is just as important to your vehicle as fuel, coolant, oil and all the other fluids you regularly check and replace. Your machine will not function without DEF, and you can face serious consequences from letting the DEF tank run dry.

Is DEF going to be discontinued?

“DEF works and its made from commonly available ingredients that are already being produced in vast amounts for the agricultural industry. The infrastructure is already in place.” That’s an important thing to remember. The world isn’t going to abandon diesel anytime soon.

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What is the best DEF fluid?

10 def fluid Review:
  • Blue Def DEF002-4PK Diesel Exhaust Fluid, 2.5 Gallon, 4 Pack.
  • Blue Def DEF002-2PK Diesel Exhaust Fluid, 2.5 Gallon, 2 Pack.
  • BlueDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid Synthetic Urea Deionized Water 2.5 Gallon (4 Pack)
  • ACDelco GM Original Equipment 10-4022 Diesel Exhaust Emissions Reduction (DEF) Fluid – 1 gal.

Is there a quality difference in DEF fluid?

Is There a Difference Between DEF Brands? No, all brands of DEF should test exactly the same unless a brand is doing something incorrectly like cutting corners in their manufacturing or transportation process. For example, any of the following can affect the quality of DEF: Not using the right type of deionized water.

Can you mix different DEF fluids?

Can I Use Different Brands of DEF in My Tank? Run the tank as empty as possible. DEF fluid from different certified suppliers can be mixed.

How many miles will 1 gallon of DEF last?

How Often Do You Have to Add Diesel Exhaust Fluid? 2.5 gallons of DEF will last approximately 800 miles on the road. That means, 1 gallon of DEF will last about 300 to 500 miles. You can figure, for every 50 gallons of diesel, you’ll need 1 gallon of DEF.

Does deleting DEF get better gas mileage?

Trucks with the DEF delete install can improve fuel efficiency by up to 30%.

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